New forming volunteer groups - Communications and Community Events!

Hi All!

During the summer membership drive (which is still ongoing) we had a surge of interest in how or where to volunteer. I’ve also followed some threads on the forum where folks expressed that they would love to contribute their skillset to social media or ongoing events on the forum. Well I have great news, Im going to be leading some organizing sessions to get folks tapped in for the next month.

We have awesome news and updates from Resonate to communicate, and upcoming events (orientations, socials, community team meetings, reading groups- events and promote and foster community on the board) that need support in curation and promotion.

We also now have an ongoing structure that should assist with transitioning interest into one having the tools and access they need to get their hands dirty and help out!

If you’ve been looking for a way to get involved, this is a great time and a great way to get started in something that we hope to grow in this year into the next!

Feel free to send me a dm or chime in with any additional questions! I look forward to chatting with folks about all of this!!