Non-album submissions

I’m creating music as part of my upcoming podcast project and was thinking to publish the songs on streaming platforms. Does this kind of ‘new song every x days’ project fit on resonate? If it does, is there a maximum track limit per release (the release grows over time)? If there is a track limit, would there be any issue with creating lots of small EP releases?

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The simple idea of having an ever evolving release where tracks keep getting added is interesting enough to be pitched as a potential feature.


Sounds like album-less tracks, essentially. Something worth supporting imo since the whole “album” format is not something everyone follows these days (though a lot of systems force people to).

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@rosano I’m unaware of a hard limit when using the uploader. It asks you to get in contact if you need to upload more than 30 tracks and I’ve only uploaded anything with that many tracks once, and I had no issues.

@LLK yep, I like this. I created this release THO: Live Archive | The House Organ as a growing archive for recordings from gigs I’d been putting on. Not putting on shows due to Covid has put a halt on this but it’s something I’m keen to revisit in the future. It’d be great if resonate had features that specifically supported such a release.

@fgblomqvist yeh, like a kind of bracket to put around a bunch of tracks that pulls them together but not al ‘album’ as such.

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Adding to @thehouseorgan’s comments, it looks like the artist dashboard (currently available to volunteer uploaders) allows adding tracks to an existing release.

Alternatively, the tags are not restricted to genres. So you could use a unique tag like #rosanosongeveryxdays to help listeners find all those tracks if they were uploaded as singles or multiple EPs.

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it’s also visible to regular users, i use it to re-arrange the tracks in my playlists.
I can only see / manage my playlists though.

Ah! Thank you for the correction, @boopboop!

This fits! Complication:

Scheduling for auto-publishing only works at the release-level. If you were adding a song to a previously published release, the newly added song would:

  • appear immediately on the player
  • wouldn’t appear on the front page as a “new release”

If you want the new track to be able to auto-publish on a specific date and appear on the front page with new releases, it would be best to submit them on Resonate as “singles.”


Thanks to everyone for chiming in :pray:t4:. Seems like there is a place for this kind of thing on Resonate and I could either:

  1. use one big album (if it isn’t important to show up in new releases), or
  2. hashtag singles so that they can be found more easily.

I suppose playlists would be another way to make the tracks more accessible—my intention is really to enable people to listen to the whole collection without lots of clicking around.

FYI @thehouseorgan (and anyone that’s curious) I contacted Bandcamp and they said despite not having limits, there can be issues with large albums:

We don’t have any hard limits on how many tracks you can include in an album. That being said, there are some practical limits to very large albums - your fans will have trouble loading pages & downloading files of albums with more than 100 or so tracks. At around that point, you might find that your browser has issues editing the albums, too.



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On an artist page, there isn’t autoplay between releases, so if they were all singles that would be a bummer having to hit play on each one individually.

Putting the singles in a playlist would be necessary if you wanted them to autoplay one-after-the other. If they were all one release (like a big album), that wouldn’t be an issue.

Your playlist wouldn’t show up on your artist page, however. Playlists appear on one’s “listener profile” rather than “artist profile” – so users wouldn’t be able to find it as naturally. I love the idea of artists being able to add playlists (their own music or otherwise) to their artist pages, but it isn’t a current feature and would need some planning/scoping. Sounds like something @boopboop could explore if she’s interested.

There’s a related issue involving how various-artist releases currently display on the player, which potentially could be solved at the same time if treating them as a playlist was the solution as @boopboop previously pitched.

Not sure what the downsides are of allowing it. Maybe would befuddle some search/organizational features?