November Newsletter 2021

Welcome to the Resonate Co-op November newsletter!

Our lengthy behind the scenes building efforts of the past year continue and the Resonate Renewal will finally be revealed this December! If you would like to be a part of it as a listener, co-op member, artist or label, we will share more details soon.

We need your support in this final month, as we seek to raise further funds to complete the current stage of the Resonate Renewal and fulfil our payroll commitments to our tech team and essential workers.

We’re really excited about the renewal and so very close to meeting our goals. Check out our support page, or scroll to the bottom of this email, to see the ways you can help.

The Resonate Renewal

Our new player is now live for you to test and explore. A greatly enhanced search function for deeper discovery, playlisting, release embedding and deep links for sharing music with friends and fans, alongside old favourites like the randomise everything function.

As always, your feedback is welcome on the forum, and the rest of the renewal will be unveiled over the coming weeks.

Co-operative Credentials

Resonate, and Pavillion, have reached the 2nd round of the EU-funded ESSIF Lab Business Oriented Program. Our Co-op Credentials project will continue to receive funding and support as we progress through our work plan.

We’ve also received support from W3C, the peak standards body for the internet, to form a W3C working group focused on defining a co-operative credential. Please reach out to if you want to get involved in this effort.

Support Resonate

We need to raise at least 15,000 euros by the end of 2021 to complete the current stage of the Resonate renewal and fulfil our payroll commitments to our tech team and essential workers developing the co-op.


You can send us a donation using open collective or a direct payment to our co-op. Either a one off or as a regular supporter funding. All donations we receive in 2021 are going directly into the Resonate renewal, and funding our co-op workers.


We have created our first Resonate T-shirt with Everpress and illustrator Bridget M.

The first drop is an essential garment for supporters of Resonate and the worker co-ops cause. A classic white Tee with black/yellow “music ecosystem” illustration by Bridget M.

By buying this Tee you are directly contributing to our Resonate renewal, the coops growth and stability, our mission to support and build a new music ecosystem. More designs coming soon.


Choosing to listen to music on Resonate instead of corporate streaming-services sustains and grows the coop. Buy listening credits to directly support the artists you love and the co-op. If you share what you are listening to on your social media, you directly spread the word and work of the co-op. Thank you!


If you aren’t already a member of the co-op, please consider joining today. It costs 5e a year to be a member of the co-op. If you are an artist or label, you are eligible to become a co-op member once you have uploaded a track to the platform.


Buy supporter shares from as little as 25 euros up to 100,000 euros! Buying supporter shares is a way to keep supporting the co-op beyond your initial membership contribution.


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First-off, wonderful newsletter! A lot of great information and calls to action, so thank you to anyone/everyone involved!

@boopboop thanks for the reminder, and I liked how you also mentioned adding Resonate as a contact, I forgot about doing that!

As far as getting out of the spam folder goes, all the above mentioned by @boopboop is great!

From a mailing side, it may be worth trying to switch (Mailchimp) accounts or something, but I’d want to dive more into things before suggesting that for certain. I’d also be interested to see what the metrics are like because if people aren’t opening, clicking, or are actually/accidentally marking it as spam for some reason, then we could just reach out to them on a more personal level to try and fix things, or maybe do a bit of list cleaning if there are a lot of hard bounces and/or complainers.

I first saw the newsletter on Twitter, before seeing it here, so keep spreading the word that way as well with more posts, and maybe even pinning the newsletter to the top of social pages for the month?

Just some thoughts I thought I’d throw out there…