Npm test fails

I get the following error message when I check out the latest ‘stream’ repo and run $ npm test

❯ npm test

> stream2own@0.0.0 test
> lerna run test

lerna notice cli v3.22.1
lerna info versioning independent
lerna info Executing command in 33 packages: "npm run test"
lerna ERR! npm run test exited 1 in '@resonate/api-factory-generator'
lerna ERR! npm run test stdout:

> @resonate/api-factory-generator@2.1.4 test
> standard && dependency-check .

  /Users/asurty/POpen/stream/packages/api-factory-generator/index.js:32:28: Regular expression literal is unnecessarily wrapped within a 'RegExp' constructor.

lerna ERR! npm run test stderr:
standard: Use JavaScript Standard Style (

lerna ERR! npm run test exited 1 in '@resonate/api-factory-generator'
lerna WARN complete Waiting for 8 child processes to exit. CTRL-C to exit immediately.

Thanks for the feedback!
@auggod has fixed all the tests here Make all tests pass by auggod · Pull Request #113 · resonatecoop/stream · GitHub

It should be fixed if you pull the latest changes on the development branch.

Let us know if you have any other issues setting up the dev environment.


hey @datafruits thanks for letting me know! It pretty much works now - I’ll comment on the PR you linked with the small snag.