Ordinary Resolution C: Board of Directors

Ordinary Resolution C.
To confirm the appointments proposed by the board of the co-operative:
“THAT the present Board members listed below be reappointed to the Resonate Board for the 2020/2021 term under the provisions of Rule 37;

Terry Tyldesley
Nick Meyne
Kalam Ali
Stephanie Merchak
Nati Linares
Greg Heuss
Rich Jensen
Peter Harris
Melissa Taylor

Moved by Nick Meyne, Secretary

You might ask ‘Well how did all these folk get appointed? I thought this was a Democracy?’ Well, you are right to ask, and when Resonate gets big, that is 30k+ members, the Rulebook requires we hold elections for board positions and there’s a nifty (but complex!) process in Clause 38 to make sure we have a nice representative balance of representatives from Listeners Music Makers and Volunteer membership classes. In the meantime, the Board (at its board meetings) co-opts or reviews nominations from members and puts the proposed list to the membership to approve as a bunch at the AGM. Hence this resolution! Bear with us… democracy in the making!