Paying Money, Contributing, Buying etc

I’m putting this in helpdesk as there are a couple of elements that fit…

With the talk of funding, renewal, etc. I was thinking, I don’t think I’ve ever contributed financially (bar maybe some credits). More so, I get a little confused over the different payments and forms of support.

I wanted to bundle these experiences together though as they broadly fall under the issue of further funding the project. Also, I believe, from listening to other conversations, that much of this is already known and being considered, but I couldn’t find clarity on this in the forums so again, putting this in one place, might help?

So experience and questions…

1 - Supporter Shares

I just bought some. The links to do so were pretty straightforward. Stripe worked fine and I have an email receipt/acknowledgement.

I did stumble around to find the right bit (under edit profile) to see if my supporter shares had registered. It hasn’t updated immediately. Maybe there are background processes at work. Maybe they are quick processes, maybe slow. I’m sure this is all fine but more immediate representation of my shares would be preferable. If doable quickly, it might look better for the further shares we’re looking to sell right now.

Finally, I bought €10. From my profile and on opencollective, it says €10 is the minimum. Here - Support - Resonate - it says €25.

2 - Streaming credits

This worked fine and simple, my credits got added immediately, stripe worked fine too.

Only slight niggle, I use a password manager (Bitwarden) and have my credit card details in there. When I tried to autofill, the card entry pop-over disappeared. Copy/paste line by line worked fine though.

3 - Membership

So I think I’m a member. Initially by adding my music as both artist and label. I’m also volunteering so a ‘worker’. My membership status is unclear to me though and I’m not sure where to find out (other by reading membership policy and conceptually applying to myself)?

If I click ‘become a member’ it tells me it’s for listeners and that, as a label/artist I’m covered by uploading music. This is probably as much to do with id credentials and multiple accounts (several artist accounts, a label account, and a uploader account) but my ‘label’ account is also my ‘listener’ account and so I’m a little confused.

This is probably an edge case so not worth wasting time on now, plus hopefully helped by in-process work on migrating logins/identity but, perhaps a niggle that others might encounter during a push for increased memberships, renewals, etc.

Here - Support - Resonate - it says €5 annually, elsewhere (such as open collective and I know it was recently voted on and ratified) it’s €10.

4 - Open Collective

I just paid membership via open collective. Worked smoothly and painlessly.

I made sure to use the same email I use for my label/listener account. Does this make me a double-member (not a real thing)? Does this break anything?

Are there any advantages or disadvantages to this? Maybe I would have been better channelling my €10 into additional supporter shares?

Anyway, that’s all for now. If there’s anything here that helps streamline payments throughout the funding drive, take it and run with it. Anything else, don’t let any of this be a distraction.


Thank you!!! For supporting us and buying shares!

Sadly the current holding of your shares won’t reliably display until we have fully replaced our wordpress profiles system with the new one. We will also have a nicer, more consistent stripe checkout which might also behave better with password apps and accessibility tools.

The new profiles system will properly support multiple profiles for the same email address.

Donations via open collective are ‘standalone’ so they aren’t connected to any membership afaik unless there’s a policy on this. In general open collective take a commission, so payments direct are a better deal for us. For large donations in non EU currencies it’s best to use a bank transfer - we have a ‘wise’ account.


I don’t mind if that’s the case but ‘membership’ on Open Collective might be a bit confusing.

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@Sam_Martyn @Hakanto ?

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@thehouseorgan thank you so much for supporting Resonate!

Not only financially, as you’ve just done recently, but also for your great work as a volunteer, and your contributions as an artist and label.

As @Nick_M alluded to, we are currently in the middle of consolidating a few different donation and support pages into one, more integrated setup. Hence, why there are a few different places and messages here that you’ve mentioned above.

In my efforts to help consolidate these pages, I’ve been working on the Open Collective account to propose that we turn that into the single donation/support page for the co-op in the short-term. Then, once we are able to work through all of the dev work needed to make our new website and Stripe integrations live, we could ultimately have that as our long-term donations/support page for Resonate.

In doing the following above, I added a “Resonate Membership” tier during one of our meetings to show an example of how we could potentially host membership as a tier on Open Collective which I forgot to remove afterward, so that is completely my fault.

With that said, I’m really grateful that you brought this to my attention, as I can see where the confusion is and have now removed that tier from the Open Collective page, for now.

I really appreciate your support here, so know that your additional contributions to the co-op through the website and open collective will NOT go unaccounted for.

I will be meeting with the fundraising team tomorrow to hash all of this out, and I will definitely keep people posted in the forum here as we progress.

Sincere apologies for all of the confusion, and again thank you so much for all of your help here!


The Resonate Rulebook expressly allows members to hold shares in multiple classes (section 13) and stipulates the rights and conditions for each share class (section 12). The rights and conditions of Supporter shares are described in section 14–notably, they do not confer voting rights at General Meetings, so this is a good mechanism for members to further support the platform without “buying more influence” in governance.

The Membership colors in the forum topic describes @Hakanto’s experiment to help us better identify each members primary membership group. It also describes how you can select which group is your primary, but I think you won’t see those options until the updates @Nick_M described are in place.