Player Migration Epic - Planning Session

Hey y’all! Time to plan the next development Epic which will start mid-July. The key folks I am hoping to have at this session are @auggod, @angus, @Nick_M, and @Timothee.

We’re bringing together folks from around the world, so an ideal time is tough to find. If this time doesn’t work, comment and I’ll aim to find a new time. I’m also available at the same time on June 30.

Members are welcome to join the call and listen in. I’ll make some time for Q&A after the end of the session; we will otherwise stay focused on the work.

What this session is for:

During this session, I’ll pitch a goal for our next Epic – to migrate to Player 7 as our sole streaming player and to retire Player 6. At the end of this Epic, Player 6 would be disabled and all links would reroute to Player 7. A stable version of Player 7 would be functional and tested.

I’ll be asking developers at Resonate what the key tasks are to get this done and we’ll rough estimate the workload of each task.

If you have relevant skills and are interested in contributing toward this Epic, please comment below and come by the session!

We’ll leave this session with:

  • A goal for the Epic and a definition of “done”
  • The main tasks foreseen for the Epic
  • A list of who is committing to work on the Epic

There won’t time at this particular session for pitching other epics or development goals. We’ll focus on the Player Migration Epic and closely related topics.

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@auggod @Nick_M @angus @Timothee @NachoB This session has been moved to next Tuesday

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@Hakanto @Timothee Hey guys, how are we going with defining this epic? @Hakanto We’ll start writing the #platform:epics topic tomorrow in our call. The User API / ID server epic is wrapping up this week.

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@Timothee and I are meeting at the top of the hour to chat about the menu design questions

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@angus can you DM me the creds to view the dev site so I can have something to compare with?

That’s an old link. To see the two players:

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