Plex integration

For anyone unfamiliar, Plex is a service for streaming videos and music. Plex allows you to self-host a server containing your own media library, and access it from anywhere.

Plex have an existing integration with TIDAL and have publicly stated that they wish for their platform to act as a central location where you users can aggregate media from all of their streaming services, so I think Plex would be open to such an integration.

Core benefits of a Plex integration:

  • Users would be able to listen to Resonate via all of the Plex apps, including on Smart TVs, game consoles, smart speakers, Android Auto, etc…
  • Resonate would also be accessible via Plex Amp, an excellent music player for smart phones and computers.
  • Since Resonate currently has a somewhat limited music selection, an integration with Plex allows users to uses a single app to listen to Resonate, their own digitised music collection (ripped CDs, Bandcamp downloads, etc…), and other supported services such as TIDAL. I think this convenience benefit would be significant to helping people integrate the Resonate platform into their daily lives.
  • Plex has a large existing userbase, many members of which are disatisfied with current streaming providers. An integration could serve as a marketing opportunity.

Possible extra benefits:

  • Maybe Plex would be willing to allow us to use their Sonic Analysis feature on the Resonate library. If so, this would help users discover music they like on Resonate. If users could sign up to Resonate and instantly be presented with music that’s sonically similar to their existing Plex library, I think that would provide a great onboarding experience.
  • Since Resonate uses a stream2own model, maybe we could have an option where once a song is owned it gets automatically downloaded to the user’s Plex library. Having their own download of the song gives the user more of a sense of ownership, and this would also reduce bandwidth costs from people relistening to their favourite tracks.