Populating the PlacesIRL category

So I think one of the top tasks we can do as part of an “interdependence movement” would be to create a framework for populating the #places-irl category.

The idea of that directory is to start listing place IRL (in real life) that are significant to promoting and fostering independent music culture. With enough spaces listed (stores, venues, organizations, etc) this could foster much more collaboration.

May be quite long term, but I imagine local Resonate meetups happening at local record shops, with cross-promotion on new artist releases, shows, etc. Much more about “casual getting people together IRL” than “super slick pro marketing campaign”.

Populating the directory
How to build out #places-irl ?

First level would be countries. Ask @Resonate to add a category if yours isn’t listed.

Second level would be regional. Some cities may warrant having their own category, but in many parts of the world, its more about a region than “lines drawn on a map”. After talking with @RobertaFidora about this, my thought was that the initial seeders of this directory could decide how to break up their country into sub-categories.

Ok, so, time to discuss!


Peter, great idea.
Is a starting point even identifying those members/volunteers locations and having this graphically represented somewhere? doesn’t have to be externally facing…just something to enable us to better understand the ‘Resonate geography’ which will hopefully lead to organic discussions of the items mentioned above in those spaces.

Hopefully that makes (a bit ) of sense…


Yes, I think the whole thing can evolve based on actual usage in demand versus randomly adding all countries all the world and letting people fill in stuff. (If thats what you meant…)

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Might’ve been mentioned before, but has anyone read this? The original zines have handily been uploaded to archive.org too. I thought the localised directory element may be of interest.

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Not sure if he’s read it but he most definitely LIVED IT. @richjensen traveled up and down the NW USA building the Sub Pop empire in the 80s and 90s.

@shfisk was there too. :wink:


Their input is invaluable then, it’s time to take that same passion/smarts to a hybrid online forum/irl model.


Agreed. Speaking of which, I don’t know if there are any Resonate members based in New York, but this looks very interesting.


Um OMG. She’s going to do the first AMA on resonate.

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Would love to see a representation of where members are. Love what Radio Garden do, though may be a bit hard for us to replicate!

My blog Kitmonsters has a very simple map of where our interviewees are from so far.


I’ve had some ideas about how to ensure we get some better data in when people sign up. Just haven’t had a chance to implement.

I wrote a tweet today looking for interns as I seriously need help getting stuff done. Far too much stuff that isn’t automated and its really draining my time for bigger picture stuff.