Psychoacoustics: What is it and how does it affect your perception of music?

This topic came up at one of our governance meetings this week, and I was asked to share some resources to help others know more about the topic if they were interested. Bear in mind that with out some knowledge of terms related to the separate fields of Audio, Acoustics, and Psychology, there may be some terms and concepts that are not familiar and may require further study before being able to properly absorb some of the concepts. I will try here to provide different layers of info, depending on your interest levels.

An introductory video for people wishing to watch rather than read: Psychoacoustics - Introduction - YouTube

This link to Columbia Chicago’s course on the topic is a good place to start as well.

For those not wishing to dive into a full on thing, but who just want a nugget of info quickly in an article Universal Audio has kindly put this together on the topic: Psychoacoustics: Where Sound Meets Your Brain | Universal Audio

For an extreme deep dive for those interested in audio engineering AND psychoacoustics here’s both a read and some tutorial videos, provided by the lovely folks at Izotope: Psychoacoustics: How Perception Influences Music Production

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Enjoy the info!