Reading: Autonomy on a human scale: cooperatives to DAOs

Great historical review of Cooperatives and DAOs for a music audience. Mentions DisCOs (Distributed Cooperatives).

Published in Music X newsletter by Maarten Walraven

Autonomy on a human scale: cooperatives to DAOs


Nathan Schneider - on the limitations of DAOs

This is an altogether excellent paper by @ntnsndr et al. It’s an extraordinarily well-researched analysis. Personally I find it reassuring as it lands on: “enveloping economics within rules set by institutions not primarily economic in nature, which are capable of articulating, instantiating, and evolving shared understandings of the common good” and “…participants should be attentive not only to how their systems succeed and fail in cryptoeconomic terms, but also to what aspects of human flourishing they do not yet take into account”

The importance of this work is underlined by Vitalik Buterin’s response and confession of … TLDR: “my own failure after years of attempts to find a financialized governance mechanism that is economically stable.”

Also interesting is the reference to "“self-sovereign identity” …“This approach could give users unprecedented control over how they represent themselves… But cryptoeconomics has yet to deliver a widely adopted means of identifying unique human users… This presents challenges for governance if personhood should still possess intrinsic importance.” Maybe our work on our human-centric solution, combining community process with in the issue of a ‘Community Credential’, in an alliance with other co-operatives will be a step forward here ? We’ll see!


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