Seeking Resonate artists for new sync licensing service

Hello Resonate Community!

My name is Charlie Kirby, and I run a startup music library, Kirby Stock Exchange. My company works with composers and recording artists, to make their songs available to license for use in film, television, video, podcast, vlogs, radio, and other visual and audio productions. I am writing to ask if you would be interested in having some of your music available for licensing on the site.

I have been close friends with Peter Harris for a long time. Recently, Peter introduced me to Rich Jensen, who I have had the pleasure to meet with in person.

KSX is in the process of negotiating deals with companies who produce true crime TV shows, so we would need music suited for those types of shows. In the long run, we completely welcome all styles of your music, but right now our first priority is music related to true crime shows. Examples of this would be anything dark instrumental, dark ambient, dark atmospheric, dark electronica, dark orchestral hybrid.

Because of Resonate’s generosity and friendship, we are offering a 10 percent finder’s fee back to the co-op, as a way to say thank you for connecting Resonate artists with KSK. For any recording artist who is introduced to us by Resonate, we will pay a 10 percent fee of our earnings made through licensing those artist’s songs.

The link for the site is,

If you are interested, I can send you a sample Music Contributor Agreement, and I’d also be happy to answer any other questions or concerns you may have.

I look forward to working with you, and hearing from you soon!

With Warm Regards,

Charlie Kirby


Good to see you in the community Charlie! I would be interested to see your form as a potential model opt-in for artists for a range of services and providers.

Good to see you too Rich! Your idea is excellent.

:smile: Charlie

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Hi Charlie,
We’ve been in touch a few months back over email. We had a mutual colleague who had connected us. Do drop me a line if things have progressed for you and you are still interested in my catalogue.