Select track-level artist names different from release-level


As an artist or label, I want to be able to choose artist names at the track level which are different than the artist name used at the release level.


Would it be the same artist with multiple names/aliases?
Or a release would have multiple artists, and by default all are selected per track with the option of removing some?
Or tracks could have an “artist override”

In any case it seems like a non-trivial refactor

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I actually have a release uploaded some time ago which sort of fits this in so much as it’s a split. Track 1 is by ‘Scree Fucking Junk’ and tracks 2 to 5 by ‘Jehova’s Fitness’.

(currently on page 3, simply called ‘Tour Split’)

I’m not sure how it was done behind the scenes.

For the Trash Panda QC example, if there were two artist accounts (Trash Panda QC and Peter Seligman) it would presumably achieve the track level stuff (that’s how it seemed to work for my tour split)? Could the overall release still be credit to Trash Panda QC? My split is ‘Various Artists’, is this the only way with different track artists?

The two accounts still isn’t ideal though as Trash Panda QC and Peter Seligman are aliases of the same person.

As to @boopboop questions - Both scenarios are pretty common.

Some artists with multiple names/aliases (rather than multiple projects/bands), e.g.,:

  • KPT.Michi.Gan | Discography | Discogs - KPT.Michi.Gan, KPT, KPT Michi.gan, Kpt Michigan, Kpt-michi-gan, KPT. Michi.Gan, Kpt. Michigan, KPT.michi.gan, Kpt.michi.gan (Dr. Drek), KPT.Michigan, Kptmichigan
  • Joincey | Discography | Discogs - Joincey, Blind Melon Joinson, Joincey Bastard, Joy, Joy De Livrezlesblank-Aus-Bikots, Joy-Less-Sun (and I can think of some others not listed on Discogs).
  • One of my bands, Jehova’s Fitness - because we can never remember how to spell Jahovahs we intentionally change the spelling whenever we feel like it.

Some releases with multiple artists (not featured artists or additional performers):

Anyway, lots of information, hope it helps in the long run, I appreciate it’s not trivial!