Setting up a U.S. branch of Resonate?

There seems to be a growing interest in creating a U.S. (and potentially U.K.) branch of Resonate.

Its tricky in that we need to figure out how to map local versus global needs, as well as the financial reconciliations.

In some ways it would be easy… Local U.S. events and initiatives would be handled by the U.S. co-op and would therefore be fully independent in terms of management and organization. When it comes to the streaming service itself, that pretty much has to go through a global entity since both sides of the user base (artist/listener) is global by default. So if there’s a way in which any local fundraising in the U.S. would tithe back to Ireland for the sake of maintaining and developing the technical platform, that works.

We’re going to be going through this exact scenario with the UK in the coming weeks as there is a LOT of support and funding opportunities there, but we need to have an entity in the UK. Same for US… there are numerous programs to support co-ops that are restricted by region… so we just need to figure out a way to get some of those funds back to Ireland/EU to make sure we keep development going.

Could also be a scenario where there are US devs that get paid by the US coop, contributing to the overall codebase. Just still needs to be some funds going directly to Ireland in order to maintain admin and core operational stuff.


Tagging @richjensen and @CameronOrrMusic in case you two want to get into a discussion on this. Rich is West Coast and Cameron is East Coast!


Just had a conversation with an Austrian and German who have both worked in the co-op space (setting up legal entities) and have both worked in the DGOV (decentralized governance) space as well.

Feels like what we need are co-ops in different jurisdictions, where membership in one of those entities automatically feeds into a supra-national organization where decisions about platform functionality take place. Autonomous but dependent. Hmmm… “interdependence” perhaps?