[solved] [Bug] Tracks not playing from featured playlist

If I try to play a track from the featured playlist, it doesn’t play (it seems to be telling the player to pause). In the screenshot, “The Other Self” is paused, but in the playlist UI I’ve just clicked “Never Be the Same” but it’s not triggering appropriately.

If I go to the track detail and play it there, it does play.

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Good catch. I just tested this twice on the PWA. First time I opened the PWA and tested it, everything worked as expected. I reopened the PWA and wasn’t able to play any of the tracks. Clicking the album artwork brought up the “pause symbol” on the artwork, but the music didn’t play.


Problem identified, now looking for a fix.

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Bug is fixed. Might requires a full reload. I didn’t issue a new version to force refresh.


HELL YEAH, augustin :raised_hands:

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