🗞️ some project updates and new categories: april 5th

Forum Categories Remodel

Conversations about rehauling the forum categories are ongoing and a lot of progress has been made in that area thanks to work and reflection by @richjensen @sam @LLK @Nick_M @RobertaFidora and others! To get involved in those discussions and see the proposals, check out this new category on the Forum. I’ve moved some relevant topics from Terraforming.

Player 7 Feedback

Members are encouraged to share feedback and ideas for Player 7: the unreleased new version of the Resonate Player. The co-op is optimistically aiming for a launch date by the end of May. Today at the Operations Meeting, @NachoB offered to contribute as Product Owner for Player 7 – helping to gather feedback, prioritize features, and assist @auggod finalize his valiant work on the Player.

:wrench: If you are a developer and want to contribute, please reach out to @Nick_M who is helping coordinate frontend and backend tech volunteers.

New category area: Platform

Due to the short timeline until our hoped-for launch of Player 7 and the need for members to be able to more effectively discuss and share their feedback and hopes for its design, we’ve set up this new category with consent of the folks at the Operations Call.

The aforementioned subcategories for Forum Design and Player 7 are both nested within the Platform “parent” category. More project-themed categories will be added to Platform as discussions continue. I’ve moved some recent Topics into this space to give them better visibility.

The set-up of this category doesn’t seem to conflict with discussions so far about Forum Remodeling, so getting it set up swiftly seemed safe. If you discover any ways that this is a big ol’ mistake (aside from us having even more categories until the remodel is done), please speak up and I’ll note those concerns in the future Saturday Calls – which you’re invited to so come by!

There are many many more projects than this in the works at Resonate . I hope that with this new Platform category, we’ll have some helpful structure to get all that news into the Forum.