Spreadsheet for tracking, suggesting, organizing new artist + label searches

This spreadsheet is for listing out which artists and labels are being recruited.

Volunteers should add the artist name along contact info and details on status.

Spreadsheet is comment only. DM @peter for access.

Link: Artist and Label Scouting

Hi! Is this document different than the one I saw in August @peter? Would love to start adding/reaching out to artists. Let me know!


Yes, our previous industry outreach person had another list going. Wanted to start fresh as this one is going to be more volunteer-generated. Feel free to start reaching out! Going to be a series of significant releases happening in the coming weeks, so now is the time for us to start expanding!

Spring has sprung!


Can I get access to that old spreadsheet so I can remember who I added back then? Also, can someone forward me boilerplate email for recruiting artists - with simple info, etc, etc. THANK YOU!

“Resonate sees music as art and culture, not content or digital wallpaper. We don’t believe in laid-back listening, we believe in ACTIVE listening and that artists deserve to be paid living wages for their efforts. We believe in this so strongly that we formed as a cooperative, so all artists, labels, listeners and workers are co-owners in the enterprise. This is streaming as it should be.”

Short and sweet, then link them to the about page:

(Emailed you the old spreadsheet.)

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As a fan I’d love to see the Doomtree Collective on Resonate. They already follow @resonatecoop on Twitter, so let those DMs flow…


Wrote them for you! :slight_smile:


Also excited to see Angel-Ho show up! Highly recommended.