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on our joint work to build a new, fair way to support ethical independent music tourism and Pavilion, with the support of Tykn, have made a proposal to the use Resonate’s Community Credentials technology to underpin this exciting joint business collaboration and co-operation between two very cool and ethically aligned co-operatives: Resonate and FairBnB.Coop

Above is an extract from the proposal deck, which has passed the initial eligibility check for ‘Business Open Call 2’ of the EU’s Next Generation Internet grant programme run by the ESSIF-Lab. There’s up to €106k available to help us realize the vision of community-powered independent music micro-touring and tourism: a co-operative ‘habitat’ for music.

Massive thanks to Jonathan Reyes, co-founder of, for submitting the official proposal and committing to work on this with Pavilion and Resonate. We’ll see how we get on with the bid, but even if we aren’t successful, I think you’ll agree its a compelling idea for our co-operatives to work together and make these collaborations work for folks who care about music, community, place and fair touring / tourism.

We are setting up a project team room for working discussions between the bid partners, but we will use this wiki post to keep you updated with news and information about progress with the bid and the potential project.

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Is support / interest from municipalities / locales needed? Are there flyers or other content we should be sharing to further this initiative?

If so I know follows Resonate on Instagram - they might be interested in learning more.


We’re keeping this close as an idea for now, not officially announced or anything, until we have completed a Resonate Relaunch and aligned all our plans and ideas with the lovely folks at They are the real experts on community and local municipality engagement and might best take the lead in that area? We could obviously support by developing our relationships at the local and venue level… for example (in UK) with

and of course the local label scenes in target cities

It’s potentially a big piece of work to do this properly, and I think we would need other sources of funding than just depending on a successful NGI application, so it would be great if we could collect a list of target funders / potential supporters for the proposal.

It is very early days: @melis_tailored is best placed to advise on when we might start to brief more widely / openly on this.



@melis_tailored @terry @angus @richjensen @brndnkng we will need to think about that press release!




Brilliant @Nick_M

Would you be able to join story team over the next couple of weeks so we can discuss this in detail and work on the timing/roll out/messaging etc?


Yes sure, thanks! We also need to loop in @angus from Pavilion and Jonathan Reyes from FairBnB.

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If you can join story team tomorrow to brief and overview - we can then follow up with a meeting together with angus and jonathon purely on this topic and planning.


At the July 15 meeting with Jonathan Reyes we resolved to set monthly coordination meetings every third Thursday 08:30 CET with the next coming up 2021-08-19T06:30:00Z.

We also moved to this location:

I’ll confirm with Jonathan that the date still works.

@Nick_M You mentioned a ‘Road Map’ document? Is there something other than the Summary slide doc at the top of the thread?

More files in team room folder.


Is there a link?

Am I correct there is a Hackathon pitch this week?

Any other updates?

Looking forward to the call with Jonathan from Stay Fair / Play Fair.

Apologies for delay in reply here… there have been a couple of shifts in team room since the original bid application.

This is the one you have access to: Business Open Call 2 – Google Drive

There is another one in Zoho Folders owned by Jonathan… I’m not sure if he has added you there yet.

We are at the hackathon right now! Our slot is tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Sorry if I have been missing these… is this still the time and when is the next one?

It should be on your calendar. Nov 18.

Good luck with hackathon!


The eSSIF-Lab team is glad to inform you that your proposal has been selected during the Consensus Meeting to join the 2nd stage of the First Business-oriented Programme of eSSIF-Lab.

The final score of your proposal was 7.21 out of 10 points.

FundingBox, which is the partner managing the open calls, will contact you shortly about the start of the Ethics Assessment procedure and about the delivery of the payment of the funding linked to completion of the 1st stage of the Second Business-oriented Programme of eSSIF-Lab.

We will send you further instructions about the next steps of your participation in the programme and the contact persons who will guide you during both technical and business support, as well as feedback to your deliverables.

Congratulations once more and best regards.

The eSSIF-Lab Team

Project funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union, Grant agreement Nº: 871932.

To explain a bit more about the grant:

This grant award is for the ‘micro-consortium’ of, Pavilion and Resonate. and Pavilion are the lead applicants, and Resonate is what the grant calls an ‘assurance community’. Because Resonate won the previous ‘first open call’ already (€106k) we can’t claim more then 15% of the awards for this ‘second open call’ grant, also totalling €106k.

So the maximum Resonate can get by the end of the process is about €16k… but it’s what is built, and the relationships forged with other co-operatives that is the exciting thing here.

Watch out for our presentations at #TheNewCommonSense. Forging the Cooperative Digital Economy | Platform Cooperativism Consortium


Legendary work!! :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: