Tag sidebar added to forum categories

@jackhajb and I were wondering how we could add easy links to a forum category’s tags for organization and navigation.

I headed over to Discourse Meta to ask around and was introduced to a good solution – much thanks to @merefield!

Now when viewing a forum category you’ll see a list of tags to the right, ordered by their use in that category.


I avoid forum changes which add more text to the screen, however the utility of this one seems well worth it.

While this feature is nice for everyone who wants to wander a category’s topics, it is especially helpful for @workers who use particular categories as coordination areas. Proposals, Needs and Workshop will especially benefit.

@executive, try adding tags to Topics in your team’s workspace as an organizational tool. To get into the details of how to do this efficiently, check out A comprehensive guide to Discourse tags - faq - Discourse Meta. If you are unable to edit tags on topics, let me know.

:exclamation: Note: the tag sidebar only appears on desktop. It disappears automatically on mobile.