The Elephant in the Room

​This might be a rather long post, we’ve clocked in tirelessly for quite a few days to come up with this amount of data and crunch into a digestable and usable set of metrics for further use in the coop, possibly with other names (think names like “Rich” or “Hakanto”). Do note we already have eerily similar issues with the Peters and this will be covered in an addendum to this piece, which only speaks to the urgency of the problem and the very likely scenario that this spins out of control were it not acknowledged and adressed immediately.

It is time we addressed the number of Simons involved in Resonate.


For this project we processed and cross-referenced a series of posts across both the forum, the mattermost, the now-retired basecamp, the once-used instance of rocketchat, various secure messaging platforms like Signal and Telegram, and other Resonate spaces shrouded in even more mist than these ones.

We’ve carefully analyzed Resonate’s income streams, the number of volunteers, and its social media klout :tm: values.

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Through careful analysis of the present data, we’ve concluded while the increase of Simons in the co-op can be interpreted as an indicator of success, we feel that we have demonstrated conclusively that the confusion generated for the co-op, it’s various levels of membership, and the role of volunteers within the space this will ultimately lead to disengagement, alternative readings, disillusion, and ultimately to further tax audit issues.

Unlike Chad Kroeger, looking at the graphs does not make us laugh.

Appendix A: On the Case of multiple Peters.

A close observer may have noticed that the popularity in western culture for both names Peter and Simon stem from the same person, Saint Peter, born Simon, one of Jesus’ apostles.

More work needs to be done to investigate the relationship between the number of Peters and Simons in the Resonate context and we are sure future inquiry will find interesting patterns here. We worry that if this is left unresearched, the implications for Resonate as a succesful venture might be dire.

We hope that this research is useful to the co-op and its worker members, and that by shining a light on this growing problem, we have helped our collective forward.


This is crazy I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed up until now, remarkable display of investigative journalism.




Vital information, @psi. However, let us not forget the rock connection.

Képhas, “rock” was the name given to the apostle Peter. What this means for musicians on Resonate is unclear – rock and roll? – but it is certain that someone will try to build a church upon it. Blessedly, this may lead to an advantageous tax position


This is why I go by my artist moniker around here instead of my given name (which isn’t Simon but is, in my experience, also very common).


Hard-hitting Si-ence reporting right here.


Let me doubt that it isn’t Simon or Peter which is as we’ve seen Simon or any other name which is, as I’m suspecting, Simon.

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