Threshold for counting playthroughs

Hi there,

I’m a new listener member as of this week.
I’ve been playing through the staff pick playlists (good taste in music btw), and I believe I’ve got enough experience now to express some opinions.

  • I wish it was easier to see which of the artists I follow on other music platforms, also have a presence in Resonate.

  • I think there should be a higher threshold for counting a track as played. If I start playing a track, and lose internet connection, the browser unloads the tab, or I stop the track after just 5 seconds, it counts as one playthrough.

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This doesn’t seem right, the threshold for a real play (ie. Credits start being used) is 45seconds.

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Hm how odd. I encountered this issue yesterday, but not today🤔
I didn’t verify that credits were actually spent, but the small white circles displayed next to tracks definitely increased even after small time periods


This would be cool, but would require a bit more data gathering for our artists I think. Like, maybe you sign in to Spotify and it finds all artists you have on Spotify in Resonate. But at the moment we don’t ask artists to provide their Spotify URLs, for example (I think? Maybe someone who handles artist music uploading can speak to that).

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we could use something like GitHub - watsonbox/exportify: Export/Backup Spotify playlists using the Web API.
Then the resonate player searches for all the artists in the csv, and provides a list with links to matched artist pages.
It won’t be a seamless experience, but it’ll still make migration miles easier for users.


Yesterday I listened to every track in this playlist once.

Today I skipped through (i.e. played three 5-second portions, spaced apart) the tracks again to find out which to add to my own playlist. I didn’t play more tham 15 seconds of every track, yet when I’d skipped through all of them they all had one more " played dot".
I checked history, and the tracks in question are only shown once, with two dots. I verified credits are being spent for each “skip-through”.

As I understand it, this must be a bug?

Yeah it sounds like it, thanks for spotting it out, we’re currently in the middle of a reflection regarding dev work, but I’ll make sure to mention that. Dont know how much @peterklingelhofer @psi or @auggod can do atm but if this needs correcting we’ll make sur it is.

How are you using the platform? Android app, Beam desktop software or the Web player?


Thanks, that’s good to hear. I mostly use the web player, both on mobile and desktop. I want to use the android app but don’t think it’s available atm.

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Thanks for drawing that to my attention @relish, I had hoped it was just the latest release that had been submitted, but it seems that Google took down all releases for the Android app. Read more here:

As far as the strange behavior you’re experiencing where playing only 5 seconds of a track appear to add dots and spend credits, I’ve been testing this on various devices and have been unable to replicate this. Is anyone else other than @relish seeing this? I’d be interested to see if this is isolated to @relish’ devices or if others can replicate as well. For folks that do test, please include the device and browser (if applicable) or app you used to test with your test results. Thanks all! :slight_smile:

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