Unable to login to player as a listener

Hello there.
I searched the forum and issues on git, tried resetting my password etc., but still no access to the player as a listener. As far as I can tell there seems to be something wrong with the authentification process. One thing I noticed is, that the subdomain id.resonate.coop has an invalid ssl cert.
Sorry to bother, but reading through all the post did not help, creating a fully working account.

I have just renewed the cert. As I’m not a working member anymore I can’t say when we’ll setup automated cert renewals.

Thanks a lot. Login worked now. The player loaded.

Same here, I’ve been unable to login as a listener for maybe a few days/weeks now. For more details: incognito mode does not fix this, and I do see my face on the top right corner, but when I “finish login” I go back to the start of the process.

Similar problems have happened in the past, but I feel bad bugging auggod every time about expired certificates. I’m also always unsure about whether this is a “just me” problem or whether it’s broken for everyone.

Since it is 3 month after this issue occurred to me it is most likely the certs again. Could somebody from the resonate team please check and renew. I cannot login to the listener either.

Cert renewed.

Bump - It looks like the certifications have gone sour again.

Certs got renewed shortly after I saw your message. (on tuesday)