⭐ User Administration

This topic is to collect design material for user administration.

See also the closely related area Member Administration


Define a set of services / tools to help Resonate admins to support end users in their journey with the co-op


User Stories in scope:

Ref Who Story
B03 admin As an administrator I need to own/operate a (semi-) automated member sign-up / greeting process and receive approval / exception alerts.
B07 admin As an administrator I need access to a log of customer service and security-related events and exception alerts for admin action such as logins, token refresh, password / account recovery
B08 admin As an administrator I need to execute logged access to a user account recovery or details edit - logged transactions with timestamp and userid in line with data security audit principles
B09 admin As an administrator, I need to administer role-based access control
B10 admin As an administrator, I require logging of authentication and access to endpoints for all significant resources / collections.

Mainly focused on services associated with the user object (e.g. password resets) and configuring profiles.

See also:
User Stories full list.

Joining / Membership Sign Up flows:

User API data model:

UserAPI end points here: https://github.com/resonatecoop/user-api/blob/master/third_party/OpenAPI/user/user.swagger.json


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I believe this is the best documentation for the current USER API. @auggod would know best.

Current User API explorer is here: https://api.resonate.coop/