User Feed

As a user, I want to see my Feed first after signing up/logging in, so that I can check out:

  • Last added albums and tracks from followed artist user groups
  • Last added playlists from followed user groups (NB handled from back-end: if they set their playlists as public)
  • Last recommended artists from followed user groups (if they set their recommended artists as public)
  • Latest news from Resonate
  • If my Feed is empty, I want to be presented with a welcome message.
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@forrest.durell: As a user, I want to receive reminders and notifications based upon metadata. As examples, when:

  • an album I favorited is celebrating an anniversary
  • if an artist I favorited released new music, etc.

@Iamupinthecloud: A desire I have as someone used to spend a substential amount of my time listening to and discovering music on the internet, is to have a better sorting system where I can follow artists (have an “add to watchlist / timeline” button or something near every artist name?) that I like.