User Music Library / Favoriting / Following

As a user, I want to access my Library in order to consult my:

  • Favorited tracks
  • Owned tracks (renamed to Collection)
  • Playlists
  • History


“Currently, you may only favourite a track.
it would be nice to also favourite albums if you intend to revisit albums as a whole.”

Agreed. Being able to favorite Artists, Labels, and Albums would be great.


As a user, I want to be able to filter my favorited items into different views: by tracks, by artists, by labels, by playlists. @onapoli

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Roon was recommended by @forrest.durell as a music library model to learn from.

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it would be nice ux that favoriting a track would not require to click on drop down, but the heart icon would be available on the main player interface


Also as a user I would like to be able to navigate to track/album/artist pages directly from items in my Library.

Right now, either from my History, or from my Favorites, I can only play tracks but can’t click on the artist name or track name (album is not even displayed).
I can only use the three dots menu to go to the artist page.