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Creating a poll

Creating an event

Cool stuff that requires a Trust Level

If you want to do certain actions in the forum, you need to have earned (or been given by an Admin) a certain Trust Level. Trust Level Permissions Table. Here are some common actions which are helpful to higher level users.

Renaming and recategorizing Topics (TL3+)

First, click the Edit icon near the title of the Topic. Looks like a pencil. Then you can rename the Topic, choose a new Category for it and/or edit its Tags. Click the checkmark icon to confirm your changes.

Moving posts between Topics and splitting Topics (TL3+)



Managing category access and permissions


More articles

Ask questions to the Discourse community

If you have other questions, your first stop should be Create an account there, search their Docs, ask questions.

Turn a post into a wiki



I find ‘turning notification level to watching’ as an essential default action (for my participation in any and every category. Better done at a macro level like a category than at a topic level. Otherwise one never gets pinged for new topics. ) Can’t participate without making that change from the default setting.

I also desire a place for Resonate-specific user Hot Tips at the top of this queue rather than the ‘Generic User Guide’. Feel most users just need two or three simple points for useful first orientation (like Change Your Watch Setting) and to know where the Guide is for a deeper dive. YMMV.