*VENDOR OFFER* - Entrepreneurial Workshops

Hey all,

Happy New Year!

As I have mentioned before, one of the reasons I started volunteering at Resonate was not only because I saw resonate as an awesome opportunity to build a fairer music streaming platform, but I also hoped that Resonate could eventually become a place where creatives could also have a lot of business opportunities that would help them turn their craft into their primary source of income.

I really believe there’s a way for many creatives, of all kinds, to make enough income to support themselves, but it starts by being able to think and work like an entrepreneur, in addition to being a creative.

I am happy to talk a LOT more about this, and maybe we can create a new category in the forum focused solely around music business (@Hakanto could you create this?), but if anyone is interested, my new startup business, Amplify - Innovation & Entrepreneurship (amplify-ie.com) is hosting two virtual workshops starting on January 4th (this coming Monday!) about this very issue.


Please use the promo code - Students - to signup for the Entrepreneurship 101 Virtual Workshop for free (100% off), and if you’re really interested in turning your craft or side-hustle into a significant endeavor, you can use the promo code - Partner20 - for 20% off the Idea Accelerator Virtual Workshop.

Being both a creative, and an entrepreneur myself, I know that there are some things business can’t account for when it comes to music and other creative works, but I think it is extremely important that creatives have a better awareness of “the industry” so that we can start building a better future for all creatives!

I am interested to hear everyone’s thoughts and questions on this, and let’s continue this conversation below and potentially in the music business forum category, if we are interested in creating it.

Thank you,

  • Sam Martyn
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@Sam_Martyn I can see how it could be healthy to have a ‘marketplace’ zone in this forum where independent vendors and projects could offer goods and services like yours.

If that were to evolve as a policy I think it would be helpful for forum visitors to have clear notice that

  • such vendors are wholly responsible for the offers they make
  • they are their offers are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Co-op
  • the Co-op cannot be held liable for any claims lodged against vendors or their offers.

Does that sound reasonable? Do Members here have other policy ideas? I’ll link this back to your post in the Forum Governance topic and encourage Resonators in the Forum to add their comments there. Perhaps we could set an experimental trial period - 3 Months? and then support a Member review process?


That definitely sounds reasonable, and I think it would be best for things like this to have their own category and groups and stuff.

I think the idea would be to use that dedicated space as a place for people to go to themselves, if they were looking for specific products/services, but I would definitely make sure that the section is segmented enough so that the forum’s latest posts aren’t flooded with these types of posts, and that they are only available if people actually want to search for them by going to and scrolling through the specific category.

I have joined social media groups that have basically become promotion walls, and the community aspect is almost non-existent, and I really want Resonate’s forum to make community the #1, #2, and #3 priorities, with other things like the marketplace, just as “if interested value adds.”

With all of this being said, @richjensen, would you like me to remove my post for now?

I have no problem if you would like me to do this, and/or if you wanted to take it down until we get a “marketplace” category properly set up.

Let me know what’s best moving forward, and I will be removing the post come Sunday regardless since the workshop signup will close then.

Thanks, and keep me posted.

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Maybe our open dialogue can be a way for the community to build a style of engaging policy questions like this? I really appreciate the way you approached it as a governance question and an experiment.

What if, until we work out a better idea and perhaps a separate category or placement for vendor offers like this, you just edit the topic headline to something like: VENDOR OFFER: Entrepreneurial Workshops… etc. ?

Maybe you have a better solution?

By the way, I’m planning to help facilitate attend the A-side and B-side Forum Governance meetings tomorrow (Saturday GMT 12.00 and 23.59). Anybody interested in the future of the Forum should come through!

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No, that sounds fine. Thanks.

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Awesome! Thank you.

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Just a heads up, the sign-up for the workshops ends on January 4th, so the link won’t really be valid anymore after that.

I tried to delete the post just now, but needed admin capabilities, so if you could take it down @richjensen or @Hakanto, that would be great. Thank you.

Perhaps this is another protocol that we could add to the marketplace category if we had it…making sure either a moderator or the post creator themselves removes any offers that are no longer relevant, on a consistent basis.

I am more than happy to share some ideas and things from the workshops on this forum as well, so I am looking forward to hopefully confirming a “Creative Entrepreneurship” category here on the forum, once everyone has weighed in.


@Sam_Martyn I didn’t interpret @richjensen as saying that you should take this post down. He suggested changing the title, which you did.

This post is fine in my view and no one has raised an additional complaint yet.

As I spend time in the forum and researching about Discourse, one of the ideas that is becoming clear to me is that Categories aren’t simply about categorizing posts, they are about enabling people to control which categories they receive notifications about.

This realization was encouraging to me, because it means that having well-defined categories can give people the power to control which “channels” they are subscribed to here on the forum.

So, as long as we train members here how to use these tools, then there seems to be little risk from creating a category, even one that was all advertisements, because everyone in the forum should have the ability to turn notifications for that category off on their personal settings.

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We can also create a category where posts are subject to approval by moderators, which some may consider appropriate for “outside” advertisements.

However, I’d prefer to create the space, see how it is used, and then make sure that members here have the right to change policy surrounding it in the case that it does become a problem.

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Okay, thank you. Those all sound like great ideas, and I appreciate your openness and diligence around everything.

I just mentioned taking it down because the offer and signup availabilty are soon to expire by (1/4), and the flyer would then just lead to broken links, but whatever is easier.

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