Who Else is Also on Ampled?

Hi all,

I recently reached out to Ampled to see if they could feature our crowdfunding campaign (Resonate Co-op - Open Collective) in their monthly newsletter, and they said they were interested in doing this, but they also wanted to learn more about how many people were involved in both communities in some form or another.

I am a Resonate listener-member, and I am a part of Ampled’s Discord channel (I also signed up as an artist, but haven’t updated my page much), but I am interested to hear how others may also be involved in both.

If you are involved with Resonate and Ampled in some form, please reply below with how you are involved at both so I can forward this info to the Ampled team.

Thank you!

I have an account but I still have to set it up, might actually do this sooner than later because the Bandcamp move means even less “music focused only” companies offer a subscription based service now.

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Oh yea, I forgot about this! Thank you!

I’m on there but haven’t been active for about a year. I’ve also been a contributing community member over there for a while.

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Similar to everyone else. I’m on there - Murray Royston-Ward | Ampled | Direct Community Support For Music Artists - and not been keeping to any kind of regular churn so it’s stalled a bit.

I’ve not checked in on the discord for a little while either as I don’t think I can keep track of this, and that, and other commitments in my life.


hey i’m there, and am grateful to be on @boopboop playlist :saxophone:


I’m also on Ampled: The Argent Grub | Ampled | Direct Community Support For Music Artists
Again I’m not sure how to bets use it, but I’ve been on the discord a bit and I’m looking at trying to help out with the open source project.
My one post is a Bandcamp embed - I’m hoping I can help them get a Resonate embed going.
That album is available on Resonate as well: Resonate

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I’m also on Ampled now.
Really like it so far!

The site is very snappy and easy to use.

See you there :smiley: