2021 Annual General Meeting



has closed on all resolutions. Voting was open from 2021-12-28T20:30:00Z2022-01-04T20:00:00Z

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Agenda and Minutes


Facilitated by @brndnkng with support assistance from @sganesh and @LLK

Quorum observed

  1. Attendance and Quorum
  • Introductions
    • Recording beginning at 11:06 AM Eastern
    • Introduction of Resonate Community Agreements
    • Affirmed by attendees
  1. Adoption of Standing Orders
  • Seconded and Affirmed Agenda


  1. Roadmap Gatherings - 2022-01-07T15:00:00Z / Jan 11 (TBA)
  • First roadmapping meeting
  • Achieved a new plateau, it is time to build in the next year
  • A discussion of who we’d like to build with and how we’d like to build
  1. Collaborator Class Updates
  • Different kinds of cooperatives are owned by different types of parties
  • Resonate is unique in that we have a multi-stakeholder cooperative
    • Fans
    • Music Makers
    • Founders
    • Supporter Shareholders
    • Collaborators
  • Each group steers the community
  • We have yet to formalize Collaborator ownership in connection with the contribution of their work
  • With how busy everything has been preparing for the AGM, we have kick started this process but are coming up a bit later
  • We are simultaneously honoring contributions and creating a community of mutual assistance and common commitment
  • Postpone forming that class to respective the collective need and direction of the group, rather than approaching this individually
  • Allow for more people to get involved
  • Will be setting up different meetings and gatherings surrounding these conversations


  1. State of Cooperative

    by @richjensen

  • Hundreds have used this coop to build through shared love of music, collaborating with different ideas through governance models, the role of meeting human needs in technology
  • As the executive, the primary function was to stay compliant with the law and continue to steer in leadership, this will be last AGM with Rich as executive
  • Forthcoming financial report
  • Purpose here is to speak partly to possibilities, have made it this far against all odds
  • We have established an executive team (including members brandon and Hakanto who are on call, with contributions from treasurer Sue, including development representative)
  • Working under a team that works at the discretion of and under the supervision of the board
  • Having a team of individuals is necessary for the coop to sustain itself, we need a small team to help the coop with its day to day functions
  • Three years ago there was a plan to build a cloud based music distribution, but
    • it wasn’t funded and it wasn’t built
    • none of the basic technology was there
    • had a non-scalable wordpress site, almost a toy version of a professional site
  • We required around 200k EUR of software development to achieve our new format
  1. 2020 Financial Report

    by @SueJ

  • Based in the UK, Finance background, joined Resonate in October
  • Joined to help Resonate catch up on regulatory and financial matters
  • Develop a system to access and keep numbers
  • We’ve caught up with about two years of bank transactions
  • We have the data in one place where we can access it multiples times, and this saves monthly time and labor
  • Finance can be an enabler and a gatekeeper for the organization
  • Summary of 2020 and 2021 income and expenditure
  • Helps us to tell a story regarding Resonate and where we can go
  • Lots of work done to bring Resonate up to speed in all aspects, particularly compliance
  • We are now looking to chart the renewal for February
  • In moving on to 2022, because of the renewal being delayed, we are looking at a funding gap
  • Being realistic about where we are financially so we can create a precise plan of action
    • We have correspondingly developed a fundraising team led by brandon, Sam Martyn
  • We are still behind in complying with Irish Tax and regulations, but we have these in hand and plan to complete in January
  • Complete the 2021 audit by June of 2022 to be on time, and then proceed to be ahead of the game
  • In terms of risks, this is not negative, just realism:
    • The lateness of the audit
    • The funding gap
    • One bank account with one main signatory
    • Full insurance policy
  • We keep a record of these things to make sure there are no surprises
  • How do we raise enough funds to fund the development that we need
  • Much more embedded in the report, but feel free to digest and ask questions longer than just this meeting
  1. Questions and Discussion from Members
  • Hakanto: Note regarding the influx of work we’ve had that has been provided unpaid and voluntarily
    • We really want to be in a position where everyone who is making significant contributions here is recognized financially
  • Rich: An area where collaborator class recognition is deeply important
    • Excited about having a structure where we can make more of those decisions*
  • Sue: this is something that the audit committee can look at in measuring financial impact, social capacity, values
    - Important to develop a transparent funding model—crucial when we look at developing the roadmap
  • Timothée/Rich: Huge note of the thanks to Augustin and fellow developers, so much of this world is directly part of his creativity
  • Rich: we have amazing friends who are involved in the music business who have been watching us and our standing by to get our platform together so that we can handle their work
    • Automated systems for uploading their work, automated systems for tracking content*
    • We’re not just starting from scratch, we have friends that can really help us if we articulate our vision, articulate this roadmap, have all the confidence in the world that we will find the community that supports this work*
    • It’s really within our grasp, this is where the optimism stems from*
  • Hakanto: trying to think about how we balance funding individuals who have shown a lot of commitment, we need to keep core people on deck, we need consistency, we need to look at this in approaching the roadmap
  • brandon: the goal with the roadmap is to figure out this process
  • Rich: the importance of really establishing the audit committee
    • The crucial work with identity, being safe online, creating protected spaces that do not exploit identity, that work continues with cooperative credentials*
  • www.coopcreds.com
  • An important part of our mission is not just the internal but the external


1. Finances

Ordinary Resolution A:
“THAT the financial statements for 2020 be adopted.”

Point of Inquiry:
Hakanto: what does it mean to approve a report?

Rich: The coop is managed by the body, the board serves the body, through Sue, the board has developed a report of its financial condition, the body can accept the report or reject the report, this is to confirm the management of the directorship.

2. Governance and Board

Ordinary Resolution B:
“THAT Tom Carolan & Co. be appointed auditors for 2020/21 with remuneration to be agreed between the auditor and the Resonate Board.”

Ordinary Resolution C:
“THAT Sunita Ganesh be approved as a board member.”

AGM Letter by Sunita

Ordinary Resolution D:
“THAT Sue Jackson be approved as a board member.”

Moved by @richjensen
*pending our compliance with director’s insurance
Seconded by @sganesh

3. Membership Matters

Ordinary Resolution E:
"THAT the Membership Contribution (Qualifying Contribution) for Fan Members be raised to 10 EUR annually, effective January 4th, 2021, as proposed by the Board of Directors.

Friendly Amendment: Recognizing realities of economic hardship and geographic distribution, Resonate will develop policies for people to obtain membership through an economic hardship membership fund with an application process and queue system to add members once membership requirements are met.

Moved by @richjensen

Seconded by @brndnkng with amendment

Notice that the board was split

brandon invited to speak regarding friendly amendment

  • brandon: It’s related to economic hardship, we can recognize that people may not be able to afford ten euros, so developing a process to help members, figuring out ways cover membership through sweat equity, how this translates into membership, keeping in mind accessibility
  • Hakanto: using the collaborator class to accomplish potentially
  • Melissa: definitely agree with passing the amendment as a whole to passing the fees and having a way to deal with lower incomes, assess this as a geographical needs. We can’t take that step now, but we need to be sensitive to different communities, and different abilities to pay

Ordinary Resolution F:
“THAT the revised version of the Resonate Manifesto be adopted.”

Moved by @brndnkng
Seconded by @richjensen

Manifesto Text

  • Rich: original manifesto was collaborative but reflected a different time, didn’t address our context for business or the conditions of business and concepts around property that have risen up in particular legal jurisdictions over the past 500 years, concepts that have caused a lot of trauma for folks, many people have contributed to the expansion of this text, and as a better statement of what we’re about.
  • brandon: with the manifesto, this document, these principles are helping to co create and co construct a safer environment within Resonate. Something that I feel comfortable sharing with people from my community. These are guiding principles for how we want to relate and build with the world.
  • Melissa: we’re setting out a framework, this is an introduction, and now we’ve clearly laid out principles about who we are as a business and an entity, we will change and grow, this is not a forever statement, this is forming a little roots system.

4. Special Resolutions

Special Resolution A:
To strike and Replace “Fan” term with “Listener" within Resonate Rulebook.

Moved by @Hakanto
Seconded by @sganesh

Special Resolution B:
To strike and Replace “Collaborator” term with “Worker" within Resonate Rulebook.

Moved by @Hakanto
Seconded by @sganesh


  1. Voting and Discourse Instructions
  • Open until 2022-01-04T20:00:00Z
  • One voting space
  • Individual topics contain individual threads
  • Hakanto: The voting process here is a good example of a currently manual administrative process which will soon be automated thanks to work by Sunita and Nick on the secretarial side, and Nick, Augustin and Robert, and Angus on the development side
  1. Roadmap Gatherings
    2022-01-07T15:00:00Z / Jan 11 (TBA)

  2. Collaborator Class Reminders

  3. Questions and Summary Statements


Heads up! This meeting has been postponed until the 28th to give the co-op’s workers and Board of Directors more time to finish end-of-year administrative tasks.

Lots to do and lots accomplished so far. Big thanks to everyone who has contributed to getting this work done.


@Hakanto @sganesh @brndnkng

Confirming AGM prep meeting 2021-12-23T15:00:00Z
(Pre-empting regularly scheduled @Governance Meeting)

Objective: Finalize Agenda / Roles / Communication


Sorry to anyone who dropped by in the last hour.

I requested we move the prep meeting back an hour; I have been ill and needed the time shifted.

We’re starting up in 5 to anyone who wishes to come by.

Today’s meeting is focused on organizing the AGM’s resolutions and reports into an agenda and chatting a bit about how to run the event.

Hey, we could use a hand or two helping behind the scenes with the AGM session 2021-12-28T16:00:00Z2021-12-28T18:00:00Z

Leave a note here if you might be free. Ideally from about an hour before the event.

Reaching out to @datafruits @KallieMarie @Sam_Martyn @LLK @cosmichighness @onapoli @remst8 but anyone would be welcome!


Thanks for stepping up @LLK See you tomorrow!

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Sorry, I have a work meeting then, so I will probably only be able to catch the last hour of the AGM if that’s okay.

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No problem, Sam! Talk to you soon.

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Voting is now open on all resolutions. Voting will be open from 2021-12-28T20:30:00Z2022-01-04T20:00:00Z

Check the main post above in this thread to vote.


Thanks to @LLK @richjensen, a video recording of the Annual General Meeting is now in the first post above.

Thanks to @sganesh, we have minutes written and posted above as well! To anyone unfamiliar, “minutes” are notes which provide a common written record of what happened at a meeting.


Reminder: voting will close 2022-01-04T20:00:00Z. Be sure to check out the resolutions and vote before then.

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Voting is now clooooooooooooooosed! :checkered_flag:

@sganesh will publish the outcomes. :scroll:


Voting Finals

Voting was open from 2021-12-28T20:30:00Z2022-01-04T20:00:00Z

Result: Passed, Unanimous
Final Vote Count: 19

Result: Passed, Unanimous
Final Vote Count: 19

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Result: Passed, Unanimous
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Result: Passed, 95% For, 5% Against
Final Vote Count: 21

Result: Passed, Unanimous
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Result: Passed, Unanimous
Final Vote Count: 21

Result: Passed, Unanimous
Final Vote Count: 22


The wrong video had been posted. Now the AGM video is linked.

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