7 reasons why programming estimates are so unreliable


@maintainers at Resonate are in the midst of major infrastructure improvements which are interrupting services. Some may be understandably curious: “Well, when is this going to be done?”

Here’s a video that helped me better understand the work that software developers do and why making estimates and setting deadlines can be well-meaning but fanciful. One reason is that – fundamentally –

software development is creative work.

Asking a developer how long it will take to build something is a bit like asking a band how long it takes to write a song. And asking musicians to write a great song by a deadline likely won’t result in the artistry all of you are hoping for.

As owners of the co-op, members could find themselves thinking like managers or customers: “Hey, this is my platform, where’s my feature I asked for?” However, instead of taking that tone, we can foster a habitat where creativity can thrive and interweave – for workers, musicians, and listeners alike.

For those curious how to nurture a creative software development environment at the co-op, take fifteen mins with this vid. @executive @directors