Can't login as artist without email

I set up a resonate artist account in early August 2022, uploaded some tracks, but have not logged in since.

I can still log in at using the artist username and password.

Now I want to upload new music. The docs say to log in at . However, that form requires an email address instead of a user name.

I have tried the address that is associated with the artist account. That leads back to the login form, with a message “Please confirm your email”. However, there so no instructions on how to do that, and no email is arriving on the artist email address.

I tried resetting the password at , but that also never leads to an incoming email.

I am stuck here. How can I log in with my artist account at ?

I can not remember the process, but apparently I was able to log in and submit new tracks back in mid-2022.

Any help appreciated.



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Sorry cant’ help you, Resonate has been malfunctioning for a year now, you can read this thread Error when logging in as artist: Forbidden - CSRF token invalid

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