Communication & engagement for the relaunch

Hey there -

Myself and @angus are planning to begin a bi-weekly meeting specifically for the communication work and engagement around the resonate refresh in November.

Communication & engagement will include -
outreach to the members
outreach to new artists/labels/distros etc
press engagement
marketing and social media.

comms plan is here

If you would like to work on this with me - please let me know.
especially @sganesh @brndnkng @RobertaFidora @kavan @nati @terry @richjensen or anyone else you think might be interested…
I don’t want to overburden the busy or exclude the willing!



Sounds awesome :raised_hands:

Heads up, Story category in the forum can only be viewed by those in the Story usergroup. Noticed that Roberta was tagged, but she isn’t part of the group.

Some ideas:

A. I can move this post to Workshop if you want this message directed to active contributors. I can then give relevant folks like Roberta access to Workshop.

B. If you want this to be something anyone around the co-op could join in on, then we can move the post to Co-operation or General.

Deeply interested in working on this! Especially with some of the more mechanical work (copy editing, scheduling, pulling documents/decks togethers etc) that I know tend to attract less volunteers, I’m happy to work on !


@sganesh Perhaps this can be your focus instead of the community side of things? Not to say you wouldn’t be wanted on community, but just thinking outload re workload and priortisation. In any event, let’s chat on that on the next call we’re on together.

@melis_tailored I think we’re ready to set a date for the first meeting. I’m GMT+8, @sganesh is GMT-5 and you’re…CET? What do you guys think? How about Wednesdays? Perhaps 2021-09-15T14:00:00Z?

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That time would work for me.

I would love your help @sganesh Working on completing the fundraising doc today - will share it with you for feedback and also if you would have the time to turn it into a deck.


@melis_tailored would be happy to! And @angus whatever you think is best! happy to help out where’s needed — also, that wednesday morning time would work for me!

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Great, I’ve added an event date to the OP. See you both then :+1:

It’s good to keep the team sizes for these efforts relatively small at this stage of the game, partly because some folks are working on many different things in support of the Relaunch at the moment and I’d like to ensure we keep folks focused and productive.

@Hakanto I think it’s best if you skip this one. I’m sure you’d be an asset, but you’ve already got a lot on your plate.

@sganesh I think I’d like to focus you on this if that works for you, so don’t worry about the Community Team for now. We can get you involved there again soon :slight_smile:


sounds good !


i’ll see if roberta & kavan can join as well.



@kavan is on board as well. he’s back in Singapore until early October - think that’s the same timezone as you @angus

Next wednesday I’m lecturing from 6-8pm CET. So 4pm CET would work for me if we stick to 1 hour, but I could also do earlier 2pm - if that would still work for @sganesh and make it a more reasonable hour for kavan and angus.


4 PM CET works well, and I should be able to do as early as 3 PM CET (I work a morning shift wednesdays from about noon CET to 2:30 PM CET so my timing is a little tight those mornings)! But want to make sure these times also work for @kavan and @angus for sure!

dear all, thanks so much for considering my timezone and @angus 's too.

I can make it all those times you mentioned above, between 14:00 to 16:00 CET is good for me.


Looks like 3pm CET might be a goer (which would be slightly better for @kavan and myself), @melis_tailored just to confirm that works for you? (wasn’t sure if you just meant 2pm or 4pm, but not 3pm). Failing that, we’ll do 4pm CET.

We’ve already got quite a detailed plan for comms, which is fantastic. @melis_tailored what would you say are the top 3-5 things we need to cover in the meeting? From a project management perspective I’d like to achieve the following

  1. What work needs to be completed and the scope (i.e. prioritization).
  2. Who’s responsible for what
  3. What each person is going to focus on for the coming week

In subsequent meetings we’ll check in on each of these things (i.e. review what goals we set, see how folks are going, and if they need help, and set new weekly goals).

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I can do 3pm CET on wednesday, yes.

I think for the first meeting I would like us to go through the comms plan together - also talk to you about realistic timings for the roll out. Then from there we can make an overview of priority, task allocation and focus.


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I could catch this in the future but have a conflict tomorrow. Best wishes all.

no problem @richjensen

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@catalog Here’s a zoom for our meeting

running late but on the way!

@catalog Thanks all :slight_smile:

To Dos

@melis_tailored were you thinking a fortnightly meeting for this team? (i.e. next one would be 2021-09-29T13:00:00Z) our other workstreams have weekly meetings, but I’m ok with fortnightly here, as I feel the plan here is quite clear and there’s a fair bit of structure here already.


yes, I would like to rotate the meeting fortnightly with story team.