Default Backlog Meeting Agenda

Howdy @maintainers. I’ve made this go-to meeting agenda that y’all could use when you don’t have an dev meeting agenda planned in advance. Adapt or ignore as needed. :sparkles:

If tasks are done during the week, we’ll mark them as To Review, and then when we get to them (following the below agenda) we’ll collectively move them to the Tasks Completed column.

Default Backlog Meeting Agenda

If any topic is done early, move on to the next topic and give it the extra time.

Vibes Round (until :05)

  1. A quick round where each person shares how they are feeling and celebrates completed tasks

High Priorities (until :20)

  1. Discuss unblocking High Priority tasks
  2. Discuss and update completion status of other High Priority tasks

Goal and Milestones (until :30)

  1. If Goal has been reviewed and completed, explore setting new Goal
  2. If Goal is on Backlog, explore setting Milestone(s) toward Goal

Reprioritization (until :40)

  1. Reprioritize any High Priority tasks
  2. Reprioritize any Medium Priority tasks
  3. Reprioritize any Low Priority tasks

New Priorities (until :50)

  1. In a round, each speaks to a potential task they feel should be made High Priority
  2. If multiple people feel the same task should be made High Priority, ask for objections
  3. Discuss and resolve any objections - key objections being that (1) the task is not aligned with a Milestone or Goal (2) we don’t have the capacity to take on the task
  4. If objections are resolved, prioritize the item accordingly
  5. Repeat 1-4 until folks agree priorities look good for now

Open Discussion (until :60)

  1. Return to previous sections if unfinished
  2. Chat about whatever is interesting

Note: There is no time on the agenda for discussing Medium or Low Priority tasks, as these can be discussed outside meetings.