Product Check-Ins

This is where we can discuss general Resonate development, ranging from help with getting set up to development policies, essentially any #platform development work (which originally resided in this thread). Part of the hope for meeting regularly is to establish formal decision making processes and provide transparency into the work devs are doing - by making space weekly for a light check-in we can build trust, gain insights, and learn together in how we’re building the software for Resonate! These meetings are completely open - prospective dev volunteers, non-devs, all are welcome to join. If you wish to remain anonymous, join under a pseudonym with your camera off. Here are the current main channels of communication:

Here are some organizational concepts and tools we’re exploring:


I’m on vacation next Wednesday, but looking forward to the next one!


Proposed topics of discussion for this coming Wednesday:

  • What are we currently contributing? How would we like to continue contributing?
  • What are our current needs to further participation?
  • Drafting and discussing current volunteer devs personal needs, limits, parameters to be able to contribute to resonate. How are we defining the dev volunteer role, what’s required, expected, and encouraged?
  • How do we communicate recent successes and accomplishments to the outside world?

If folks want to discuss anything else I can add it!

Edit: a bit of a switch-up, we’ll be talking about the tech stack and getting a walk through!


I’m dropping out due to the agenda switch-up—but definitely interested in watching the stack overview later. I’ll see you at the next one to talk website



A couple of us have been working on this document


Did something happen with the calendar? Not seeing these meetings anymore. Meant to be weekly Wed 6PM CET right?


Fixed! An extra parenthesis was added after the event when we added the Dev Decision Log link that seemed to be messing things up. Nice catch @peter.


Oops! That was me. Thanks for fixing it up @piper


Looks like this will be our agenda:

We need to check in on actions from last week:

Keys handoff

  • bitwarden
  • access to server

Decision needed:
Maintainers role spec

Current site role out and how we can help

If you want more insight into how the agenda gets drafted and more involved in dev work please DM or post here and we’ll get you added to mattermost.

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Would you guys be open to recording these meetings for the benefit of members who can’t attend?

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They are usually recorded! However @psi @piper @peter and @auggod I would like us to try and schedule, either every two weeks or at least once a month, a meeting time that works with the Malaysian time zone (it should also work out for a lot of surrounding countries which won’t hurt) so that @tshiunghan or anyone else in that area in the future (we already had someone else from Malaysia join the forum since @tshiunghan!) could attend.

In general, it’s my belief that we should really invite non coders to attend to these meetings, would it just be so that they can introduce themselves to the maintainer’s and establish a true relationship with the worker’s group that’ll try to help build the platform with them and for them. I also found that some of the decisions taken at those meetings are sometimes more political, ethical, social than they are “purely tech related”, it would certainly sometimes require some amount of vulgarization, and it could also sometimes be a little boring when the conversation gets too techy, but I think we should let non coder members be the judge of wether or not it interests them to be there.

Finally, direct presence vs recorded meetings means the possibility for them to ask questions live and this can be quicker and clearer than having to go through a recording on the forum and then writing a post with all your questions.

Let me know if that sounds doable, it’s important we keep those meeting effiscient, but I also found them to be the most enlightening about the current state of the platform, what’s blocking us vs what’s moving forward in the right direction etc. So to me they’re the best way to get a sense of what the product and the people behind it are about.

As I often say, ultimately everything Resonate offers is code based and code tied. How we interract with code and make decisions around code is a great way to estimate what the platform needs and how we can help.


I’d be cool to alternating the meeting times. I feel like 6am PT / 9am ET / 3pm CET / 9pm MYT would be a pretty good one?

For additional context to what LLK said, we do usually record the meetings but forgot to press the record button last week. However, we’ve not been sharing them publicly because when we started that wasn’t something we had consensus around. Like it or not people will act differently if they know their videos are going to be viewed by a public, and we were / are still building our community. The calls have been posted in the Mattermost though. But that’s why we’ve been taking notes and putting those on here, so people are at least aware of what happened in them for posterity.


We want to try to accommodate as many different timezones as we can for the Dev Standup Meeting, so it has been proposed that we alternate the meeting times every other week. The more community input we can get, the better! :slight_smile:

Please vote in this poll and mark your availability - choose the time that usually works best for you:


Hey all, based on the above poll, we have moved the meeting to three hours earlier than the previous time to accommodate more people (@tshiunghan, @boopboop, @richjensen). The new start time is: 2022-09-14T13:00:00Z. Hope to see you all there!


Per discussion with @tshiunghan / @psi we have renamed this meeting to be “Product Check-In” to make it more obvious that all are welcome to attend. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone who hopped on the call today. Feel like we talked about some really important things (though no decisions were made).

We briefly discussed cancelling the next call (on the 21st) of these for the end of year stuff. If you are around and want to make sure that it does happen, please pitch in. If not, the next call of these will be in the new year!