Executive Update Post AGM (Which Way Forward?)

peace everyone,

i hope your roman greco calendar new year is starting off well. i wanted to give you all an update on where we’re at as a cooperative post AGM. (if you’d like to check out the meeting yourself or review the notes - peep thread HERE)

coming into this year, there’s definitely has been a bit of anxiousness regarding the state of our cooperative (re: membership/legal standing in Ireland/board membership resignation(s)/coop-debt). there’s a couple of questions that i feel should to be answered or at the very least discussed amongst membership regarding Resonate’s future.

there’s clarity i can offer, to demystify any speculation, and to make sure we’re all working with the same information. those things include:

  • cooperative board is currently legal and stable at least through the next election (we still need to elect a secretary)

    • former board secretary stepped down because they’re in law school and are not able to be on any boards of this sort for the duration of their matriculation because of conflict of interests.
    • other board members who put in notices for resignation have paused these motions at least until we sort out if/how we’re going to continue.
  • coop-debt

    • we are behind on our taxes through 2019 and would need to pay an accountant/auditor in Ireland to bring us up to speed.
    • the crypto debt of close to €300k was discussed at the 2020 AGM and it was decided that this amount would be converted into supporter shares, where IF AND WHEN we’d receive dividends, a certain amount would be allocated to pay out this balance. this agreement between parties was signed by the board chair and discussed with membership at that year’s AGM.
      • as an order of business this show’s up in our annual Financial Reports as a matter of record

i’m completely sympathetic to feeling a bit spooked by these instances. i do believe these things can be worked out/worked through.

i think one of the main questions to answer is if ppl feel it makes sense to continue to invest in this entity registered in Ireland with all its baggage?

i also believe in autonomy and self-determination, and if these issues seem too untenable and it makes sense to move another direction, it’s all good. just striving for clarity amongst the ppl still here.

i think it makes sense for us to set a day/time to meet to discuss.

@workers @directors @maintainers

…if i’ve misspoken in any way or if anyone else would like to provide more clarity, please feel free.

looking forward to connecting!



Looks like the times that work for the most folks is Tuesday (17th) at 1pm ET or Wed 18th at 8.30am ET.

The wednesday time slot is a half hour before the worker retrospective call, and that one looks like it’ll have a person from Justifay attending so may not actually be the best slot?

So I guess that leaves Tuesday at 1pm ET?

We can use Resonate Workers?

@psi @brndnkng brnd I’m facilitating meetings at my job during both of those times exactly :face_exhaling: :laughing:

I can do times after 4pm CST during the week, with rare exceptions to do meetings during the day which would have to be <30min calls

Folks, feel free to meet up without me – I’m sure we’ll have more than one convo on this topic

hi y’all… let’s lock in 2023-01-17T18:00:00Z2023-01-17T05:00:00Z for this convo.

yes @psi, we can use Resonate Workers for this call.

and @Hakanto you’re absolutely correct. there’ll def be more convos on this topic…

looking forward to connecting w/ those who can make it!

also too, happy MLK day! :purple_heart::sparkles:


Sorry, I’m late to the party. I’m having trouble following up on all channels / boards…

Can we agree to use meet.coop for all future online meetings and if possible record them, so we can come back to the meetings, whenever needed?

We’re using so many different tools, that makes it almost impossible to follow everything.


For future calls like this I guess we should make a specific event so that it shows up in the calendar and that people can register for it too. Otherwise you’re right it’s not clear that this event is happening. So for that reason, tagging everyone:

@directors @maintainers @musicmaker-members @listener-members @worker-members @workers

Is there a way to set up a meeting room that’s always open that people can just pop in on on meet.coop? If not I’m worried that we’re either asking a bunch more people to have access to the account or putting burden on a small amount of people to create a meeting for each meeting we might want to have. Jitsi is easy cause you just choose a unique-ish URL and anyone can do that (the reason we don’t use jitsi for bigger meetings is because it has had issues in the past with bigger meetings, and it’s not as friendly UX-wise as something like zoom (I’m not sure that I personally would consider meet.coop very user friendly tbh)).

We can definitely record in jitsi too though, we have in the past, and I think it’s definitely a good idea for this call.

There’s a meet.coop room I set up for this purpose called Resonate Workshop which can be found in Workers Private. If folks would like to change that “workers only” room to being a public room, it is as simple as sharing the link


is this at 12 or 1 pm EST? also, what is the link? thanks.

discourse should automatically put the time in your local timezone, but it’s 1pm ET (in 40 minutes).

Link is Jitsi Meet

We can use the other one @Hakanto shared for future calls


thank you @psi for clarifying.

Here’s the recording from today’s meeting: :film_projector: Jan 17, 2020 Executive Update Post AGM (Which Way Forward?) Meeting


Here’s some meeting notes CryptPad

let me know if I missed anything

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Here’s an illustration of how Surpluses are to be handled when identified by Board and Members.


A few parts of the discussion from yesterday’s meeting reminded me of some of the insight in Design Justice in Action by the Design Justice Institute. This was the first reading from Session 6 of Dismantling White Culture at Resonate. Especially the Design with, not for section of the piece, though all of it is quite relevant.