Help with Communications work at Resonate

Coordinator: @melis_tailored

Hi, S. David here. I’m a culture and history writer and I’m interested in editorial and social media.


Habib here, I have experience in social media, copywriting, video, and graphic design.


Great, thank you! Would love to have your valuable insight and collaboration. I will be in touch tomorrow (here) to discuss more.


Great, thank you! I will be in touch tomorrow with details of some of our first communication needs. Look forward to discussing with you more.


Hello, this is Declan! I’ve got a decent amount of social media and writing experience! I spend a LOT of time on tiktok… Super interested in getting involved.


Wonderful, thank you! I’ll be in touch tomorrow with some more details.

Peace everyone, it’s Fabrice (or Fab)! Wanted to thank you all for speaking to all of us today. I do have a background in culture, history, and some in law & policymaking. Recently, I’ve started working on my writing skills in hopes of bringing my expertise to social media, volunteer/artist outreach, and even share my two cents on how to reach marginalized communities.


Thank you so much Fabrice. I will be in touch tomorrow with a framework for the communication - then hope to hear all your ideas and valuable contributions. The communication team is central to guiding the outreach to all communities, keeping our messaging on track, ensuring we are explaining our work and ethos to the artists who would appreciate us. So I think you will definately have a lot to add to this.

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Sam Martyn here.

I’ve recently been spending more time working for the startup company that I am a part of during the day, so although I am not sure if I will have a lot of time to contribute here, I would be happy to help where I can. I may be able to send a few social posts or write a few emails/newsletters at night (CST), but I am interested in working on the communications strategy that we need to procure more resources (volunteers, funding, etc.) to help Resonate grow and to my understanding, develop its infrastructure to a point where Resonate can truly scale.

Interested to hear more thoughts from others on this, and I will try my best to commit some time throughout the week, when I can.

Thank you.

Hello -
Here’s the overview of what we do under the broad category of COMMUNICATIONS.
If you see something that you would like to help out with - big or small, occasionally or regularly.
Please let me know and we’ll dig deeper.


Social media
Press/media communication
Graphic design
Resonate blog
Press releases


Social media -
We use buffer to manage the IG/ Twitter/ facebook -
Takes a couple of hours a week to set up and schedule all the posts for the following week, according to the different topics (new music, staff picks, discover, community and coop announcements, new features/web development)
Organisation of key messaging each week/month.

Press -
Updating the contacts, research into press targets and contacts

Graphic design -
Need someone with the skills to make templates for artists/labels to use across their socials
Transparent resonate logo templates - LISTEN ON RESONATE
For IG/ facebook etc.

Resonate blog -
Writers interested in blogging about the community and coop, introducing new features to members, interviewing artists for the blog.

Press releases -
Writing press releases used to communicate our actions directly with the press, for the blog and used by us for social media messaging

Newsletters -
1 monthly newsletter sent to all members
Newsletter mailout for press
Consider a newsletter mailout also for just artists and labels.
Creation of templates for newsletters in mailchimp
Content creation of the newsletters
Scheduling and sending the newsletters


Happy to contribute wherever I can, but press, resonate blog, and newsletter stand out to me as areas where I could be most helpful. Really looking forward to getting started on this!

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I’m honestly willing to assist with all of these! That said, the blog and press releases sound like areas to which I could contribute the most. So, so looking forward to helping out.

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I’m happy to help on the graphics end as well as social. I also have experience writing for blogs; so, the opportunity to talk the community, introduce new features, or interview some artists would be awesome!

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Thank you all - most helpful.

I think we should arrange a meet up next week to discuss and plan.

I am based in Germany - please let me know your timezones and any limitations (school/office hours) so we can find a suitable time for us all.


I’m in US Eastern time (currently UTC-05:00). I’m mostly flexible aside from Tuesday nights here.

I’m also on the East coast. My best times to work are Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. I think I’d be most interested in Social media, Resonate Blog, and press but willing to help as much as I can.

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Also EST, and I’m pretty flexible over the next week.

Also EST here. I’m available until 19:00 UTC basically every weekday except for Wednesdays.

I’m also EST, very convenient, I hope.