Inter-Organizational Sync Up Meeting

Hey everyone! In an effort to better receive feedback from and to better inform the community, we’re tentatively aiming to have bi-weekly meetings to discuss Resonate’s potential collaboration with Justifay, a fellow music cooperative, as well as other organizations. There is potential to share technological resources/assets, accounting features, open source code, and more!

To avoid meeting overload, we’ll make the Product Check-Ins bi-weekly as well (especially since the topic of Justifay was often touched on at those meetings), and have them on alternating weeks. Anyone from the Resonate community is encouraged to attend!

Please vote in the poll below so we can find a time that works for everyone who would like to participate (for next week):

@brndnkng @richjensen @jeremy @ode12 @tshiunghan @LLK

Edit: Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll. Created the event above, bi-weekly on Mondays. Hopefully I got the timezone right, if not I’ll fix it.


Happening in 30 minutes!

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