Ordinary resolution for fair payouts

I’m proposing that this resolution be voted on at the next AGM. For consistency I’ve written it using the same template as previously proposed resolutions. Here’s a text cryptpad for reference : Resolution

WHEREAS Resonate aims to compensate artists fairly;

WHEREAS Services like Bandcamp charge a 15% fee on digital purchases;

WHEREAS Other platform co-ops like Comradery (2.5%) and Ampled (7%, 10%, 13%) take much lower percentages;

THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED that Resonate’s base cut per stream will be 15%.


I like this. I feel like our 30% cut is really high (like, Apple Store levels high), and with a potential switch to being more member sustained this feels much fairer to me.


All else being equal, I feel like this resolution would make us more attractive to potential artist-members.

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