Resonate Polis 1 - a poll and conversation leading into the Annual General Meeting

Polis is a survey/polling tool, but it’s a more accurate to see it as a kind of conversation. It is a way to express yourself and share feedback on what others share. Please share your perspective leading up Resonate’s next Annual General Meeting within the next month.

“Welcome to a new kind of conversation. Vote on other people’s statements.”

Please go here to participate: :left_speech_bubble: Polis Sentiment Discussion/Survey

As people add thoughts to the polis, you will be notified so that you can to return to it and respond.

Thank you to @ode12 for the idea to hold a community survey and to @piper for helping set up the polis.

Polis is a real-time system for gathering, analyzing and understanding what large groups of people think in their own words, enabled by advanced statistics and machine learning. Polis has been used all over the world by governments, academics, independent media and citizens, and is completely open source. For more information about Polis


I’ve noticed new statements have been added to the Polis! Everyone, be sure to check the Polis every few days so that you can share your thoughts on new statements.

Just seeing this notice. (Sharing in the interest of advancing ‘participatory science’.)

I’m a bit disappointed that the Polis “email to get notified of new answers” feature doesn’t work, which kind of means that if you previously filled in the survey, you’ll kind of pollute it if you fill it in again.


@psi if you return to the poll from the same device each time, then it keeps track of the answers you’ve already filled out. No duplicate answering. Is this working differently for you?

I think I originally filled it in in a private window banking on the email notification thing working.

Interesting. There seems to be a significant divergence around the manifesto and the urgency of a roadmap/funding plan. Two camps with some things in common some not, at least not at this moment.

Here are the current results of the Polis poll, for those who want to explore: Polis Report

The poll is not closed, so if folks wish to participate or want to vote on new statements that may have been submitted, visit this link: Polis Poll

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So much good stuff in the Dismantling White Culture at Resonate topic regarding divergence among people working closely, especially as curated by @ode12.

Hopeful the work gathered there keeps rolling.