User Onboarding and Accounting Epic

This is in test, but effectively it is mothballed until it can be picked up again. See last status above and related docs. User Onboarding and Accounting Epic - #36 by angus

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Can you help interpret the effect of that list of tasks in terms of its impact on how best to direct user transactions to meet current funding goals while shifting from Wordpress forms to stripe?

Perhaps the pertinent outstanding issues are here (?): Flow Design for Creating Profiles and Joining as a Member - #7 by Nick_M

Basically it’s done, and @auggod has a version in test to walk through. Testing it thoroughly, deploying it, and turning wordpress signup flows off (the ones it replaces) are the next big steps.

For immediate funding goals, it’s probably quickest to use the existing Wordpress hookup from the donations and supporter shares pages, or indeed the open collective page that Sam has worked on.

If the new website was going up anytime soon it might be good to have donations links ready from fundraising pages in that to go to stripe checkout products for donations? We should avoid any break, or confusing overlap in fundraising channels


Are additional resources required? We have an offer from a benefactor. It would be helpful to summarize the present status in terms of additional needs (if any) and general timeline.

This is a dependency for going live with new site, right?

I think @auggod and @jackhajb are best placed to look at that

…for the links to transactional parts of flows, yes. Otherwise ‘coexistence’ of the static stuff with wordpress left in place for the transactional bits might be possible, but generally that would be very messy and hard to support.

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This sounds like a bottleneck impacting UX, operating income, communications and fund-raising. @Fundraising is preparing immediate work-arounds like you suggest but, as you also suggest, it seems quite messy. @Finance has received an offer of support if there is a question of additional resources. is helping to coordinate.