Maintainer Collective

Approved on Aug 17, 2022 by @brndnkng @psi @piper @auggod @jeremy @peter

@maintainers are collectively responsible for and have access to Resonate’s core development infrastructure. New members of this working group must be approved by @executive and existing maintainers. Dev Decision Log


Role description

@maintainers’ aim is to collectively administer, operate, and make decisions regarding Resonate’s core technology assets, and to prioritize—along with other stakeholders—these objectives to provide a clear and focused approach to our tech stack. Inherent to this role is expanding communication with the community (de-siloing), increasing transparency, and supporting and affirming developer worker solidarity in the cooperative.


  • By collective consent, Maintainers may amend what is Expected and Encouraged in this Role Description. Amendments to their Rights or what is Required of their role must be approved by @executive.
  • To have their advice sought by @executive before the hiring of software/product roles.
  • Full admin access to all IT assets owned by Resonate such as password managers, hosting accounts, github organization, etc., knowledge of deployment, CI, pertinent scripts, and any other IT configuration details required to run Resonate’s infrastructure
  • Access to the address
  • Maintainers can remove another Maintainer from the role when the remaining maintainers reach consensus. @executive will be informed.
  • That Maintainers be the sole owners of Resonate’s github organization aside from @executive – and that a github team called “Maintainer Collective” be set up


Assist with Resonate’s core mission: becoming a functioning DSP with respect to its technology assets. Track ongoing work and ensure it gets reviewed and merged in a timely manner. Direct the orchestra of developers and reviewers, making sure that they connect to each other appropriately, often serving as dispatcher, in order to support and grow our open source community.

Maintainers will ensure that there is a clear review process that is followed consistently and that all work that gets released is approved by a maintainer.

Maintainers regularly review and groom the backlog to ensure that work is well prioritized and that stories are well written and actionable.


  • To communicate regularly with updates regarding any Resonate-related development work in the Dev Standups channel (simply listing work progress so others are kept in the loop).
  • To list collective decisions in the Dev Decision Log.
  • To relinquish all role rights (such as access to servers or password managers) when leaving the role.
  • To do a collective access and security check each time a person is onboarded or offboarded from the Maintainer role.
  • To be added or removed from the Maintainers user group on the forum by the Executive during onboarding/offboarding.
  • A Maintainer is required to tell all Maintainers if the Maintainer is not able to do what’s required of the role. Then the Maintainer can be assisted or take a vacation, the Maintainer can leave the role, or what’s required of the role can be revised by the @maintainers and @executive.
  • Maintainers will actively work to dismantle the hierarchies, marginalizations, oppressions pervasive within their group, tech generally, and the wider ecosystem Resonate operates in.


  • To attend the weekly dev call Dev Standup Meeting or report back on a Resonate activity through official Resonate channels.
  • To communicate with the person relevant/responsible to deliver social media to post alerts on social media and the forum when an infrastructure service at Resonate goes down and when it is restored, or alternatively to automate this.
  • To attempt to onboard new volunteer devs seeking to assist with tech infrastructure needs, emphasizing transnational involvement from traditionally marginalized communities /cultural bearers as a crucial component in informing and grounding the development of our platform and cooperative to meet their needs.


  • To make large-scale infrastructure decisions using Advice Process: sharing the idea with the forum and with social media to get feedback before implementation, with the exception of technical considerations that don’t have concrete user-facing implications.
  • That at least two Maintainers will know how to do the core tasks necessary for keeping all infrastructure updated (including Discourse), which is currently done by Augustin.
  • To seek to simplify and automate Resonate’s infrastructure as much as possible so that it is easy to understand and use
  • To post articles, videos or other learning materials about software/product development in the forum, so that others can better understand it.
  • To provide for, facilitate, and foster the values/concepts of the Resonate Devs Responsibilities, Needs, Requirements document to help limit developer burnout and increase retention.

Conduct Aspirations

  • We foster transparent work and communication.
  • We don’t take to a private message what would benefit other collaborators to be aware of.
  • We stay informed of what projects are happening and why.
  • We inform the group regularly about our availability, activities, and workload.
  • We practice collective decision-making for topics that are large, forward-thinking, or which affect us all.
  • We trust our intelligence as individuals in making decisions that are small, reversible, or in our area of expertise.
  • We delegate responsibilities to individuals and groups, rather than assuming things will magically get done.
  • We don’t micromanage those whom we entrust with a responsibility.
  • We experiment and make time to reflect on those experiments together.
  • We all take turns teaching and learning.
  • We listen more than we talk.
  • We do not interrupt or talk over each other to be heard.
  • We share our thoughts, hopes, and needs with directness and honesty.
  • We critique with compassion and curiosity.
  • We found working groups to build connections, not to exclude.
  • We lead by inspiring and educating, not by demanding and complaining.
  • We take care of ourselves and let ourselves be taken care of.
  • We speak clearly and slowly so that speakers less experienced with English can participate.
  • We are committed by the Resonate Manifesto to include, promote, consolidate and follow a course determined by underrepresented identities and cultures.
  • We are vulnerable with each other about our limitations.
  • We are confident with each other about our skills.
  • We prefer conflict and healing to passivity and spite.
  • We value initiative, creativity, playfulness, and rest.
  • We do not idealize labor for its own sake.
  • We make time to get to know each other as people, not just workers.
  • We celebrate ourselves and what we build.