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peace @GohLeeKwang @redhotcar & @tshiunghan. your presence and perceptive comments give me such energy and hope. thank you for finding your way here and bringing your voice. (and I’m looking forward to checking out your sounds GLK)

:point_up_2: with a slight adjustment in content, to account for geographic and temporal particulars, this is exactly the curious and hopeful social spirit that animates me here as well…

thank you. welcome.


I play in a Melbourne based duo called the Keynes Brothers and I can only exoress furious agreement with Fuzzy’s post. We have an unsustainable industry to fix and resonate is a start.


Heya, I’m Katharina (or Kookie), go by they/them and I’m from Berlin, Germany.

I used to play Guitar and Keys in an indie punk and death(ish) metal band in my teens. I then took a break from music for almost a decade. I’ve started again in 2019.

I’m about to release my second album post-break and very excited about joining Resonate (when submissions are open again :grin:). I think the idea of a music coop is super rad. Looking forward to connecting with other artists and radical music fans on here and to build a cool platform :sparkles:


Hello Katharina!

You’re very welcome and we’re happy to have you around. You might notice that the current state of things is very much “in flux” as we’ve explained here 🚧 Warning: Resonate Infrastructure In Flux Coming Week(s) (effective immediately) but it doesn’t make it any less of a good moment to join since a lot of decisions, discussions, and reflexions all central to the coop’s management will take place in the coming months. Here’s to hoping we can meet your expectations of a different way to distribute your music online and have control of your platform.

Thanks a lot for joining this space and taking the time to post on the forum!


Hi everyone! :wave: I’m totally new here but love what I’ve seen so far! I’m a musician from Liverpool, UK currently based in Berlin. I’ve just uploaded my first music to Resonate. Really glad to meet you all!


Hey Alex! Great question about the artist streams; keep’em coming.

If you have some time to kill, I’d like to invite you to join the dev standup this Wed. It’s a great way to get a sense of the platform and new faces are always welcome. Anyone can join, not just devs.

Greetings from Malaysia,


thanks @tshiunghan ! I will try to make it, although I’m fairly tech illiterate, so am not sure what I could contribute!


One thing I’d love to hear from you are some of your first impressions of the Resonate platform, for good or ill. I’d also like to hear your thoughts on how we compare to other platforms like Spotify or Bandcamp.

But don’t feel any pressure to contribute. Nothing wrong with getting the lay of the land, so to speak.


Sure! I’ll have a think and get back to you


So I had a think and these are the things that struck me the most. I think most of them are probably funding or time issues, but just as my experience as a listener!

Firstly, I keep having log-in problems. I actually haven’t been able to log in for a few days, I keep getting this “Forbidden - CSRF token invalid” message.

In terms of navigating the site, I’m comparing it to Bandcamp as it’s the platform I use the most, and one of the things I really like about them is the journalism/features. It makes it really easy to stumble across artists you’ve never heard of, otherwise you’re just randomly clicking on artists, which can also be really cool. But having some kind of curation can be good as well. I noticed there is an “Staff Picks Aug21” playlist, something like this might be cool to do every month and have pinned to the start page? So listeners have a place to start.

Maybe borrowing some elements from social media might be good as well, like being able to “follow” artists, get notifications when they release new music etc, or giving artists the ability to message followers about gigs, merch etc.

Also, NTS (Infinite Mixtapes | Listen on NTS) have a very cool “infinite mixtapes” feature, where tracks are collated by genre or mood. Again, makes it very easy to stumble across artists. I have no idea how feasible that is (totally tech illiterate!), but being able to stream random tracks by genre, or a shuffled playlist of some kind could be a good idea?

Again, Bandcamp and Spotify obviously have massive budgets for this kind of thing, but these are a few of the things I thought might make Resonate more usable as a platform.


Hey Alex, thanks for the thoughtful response. I especially like your infinite mixtapes idea.

I too am technical luddite and so will have to wait for someone more knowledgeable to chime in. I do know that the devs are focused on simplifying the tech stack (see the overview for the gory details). After that, they should be more able to add features.

The CSRF token error is discussed elsewhere in the forum. I think the devs’ll be able to take care of this after simplifying the stack.

Keep the feedback coming! And check out the proposals forum topic as well.


I’m Emiliano. I’m from Mexico but I live in Canada. I love CoOps and the Resonate model seems very interesting and promising.
Just became a member.
Looking forward to spending time here and building a better internet for artists and art enjoyers. :slight_smile:


Hello Resonate,

My name is Kevin Flanagan, I’m Irish but I live in Barcelona. I’m a music lover with a background in the arts and event organizing. I’d like to learn more about Resonate and connect with artists involved. You can find some of my art work here - https://kevflanagan.wordpress.com/
I’m a member of the network for the cooperative and solidarity economy in Ireland ( https://www.solidnetwork.ie/ )
You can connect with me on Mastodon - Dr Kevin Flanagan (@flgnk@social.coop) - social.coop
Do you do monthly meetups or have a signal or matrix channel?

Kind Regards



So good to see you in the threads here, @flgnk! You’ll see I (awkwardly?) attempted a sort of introduction for you elsewhere, perhaps a week ago, in a thread about the value of remaining situated administratively in Ireland (or not.) In general a big fan of your transnational cooperation work. I think it’s exemplary. Again, thanks for joining the conversation(s). It is an interesting moment at Resonate. Many foundational questions being asked and tendencies interrogated. Enjoy!

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Greetings all!
My name is Terence, feel free to refer to me by that name or by my username here. I’m NYC based, and am currently in my first year of employment as a full-time software engineer after changing careers. Joined the forum back around February, but didn’t feel quite ready to
contribute until now, having got some professional experience under my belt.

Most of my professional work has been front-end, but seeing that there is back-end code here written in JavaScript, which is my strongest language, I’d be happy to contribute across the stack.

Unrelated to programming, I’m also a musician who composes chamber music, plays a few instruments, and enjoys singing when the mood hits. You can check out some of my stuff here https://terencepetersen.com/


greetings everyone

i’m jodi {they & them pronouns}

i’m a Black-Jamaican queer non-binary femme currently residing in New York.

i’ve engaged in various manifestations of organizing, art-making, and harm reduction advocacy over the past several years. most recently, i’m a visual storyteller. passions i’m prioritizing for 2023 include completing a publication of journalistic photographs i’ve captured of Black folks in resistance and celebration over the past couple years. i’m also super grateful to be in the current fellowship cohort at a Black trans & queer migrant organization that’s doing deportation defense work centering Black LGBTQ+ immigrants who are currently in / recently released from ICE detention.

i’m not a musician, though i love finding out about and listening to new artists. i’m looking forward to participating in Resonate more in the upcoming year.


Realised I never introduced myself despite being a member for about a year.
My name is Simon and I’m a composer and musician based in the UK, mostly within experimental music, free improv, no wave and contemporary composition.
You can listen to an old band of mine here Resonate

I’m hoping to use Resonate to archive old projects, but I’ve been really excited about the idea of co-ops as I think they’re a good way to combat the mess that organisations like Spotify have created


I’m Torsten Torsten, Singersongwriter (Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, Duduk) from Leipzig, Germany. I’m about to publish my first 7 song EP under a Creative Commons-Attribution licence.
I think music and words are really magic. So I wanna use friendly and social ways to publish my songs. Maybe resonate can be one. I see that resonate is not the convenient out of the box solution but a cooperative of people who work hard. Maybe I can also contribute with that? So atm I have more questions than things I can say about myself.


peace @Torsten! welcome!


Thanks @richjensen !

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